Strategies to Building Engagement in a Virtual Classroom

February 17, 2022


Just like in a traditional education where students attend physical classes, the ultimate goal of e-learning is to engage the audience. In fact, if the online content being taught is not engaging and involving, the learners are likely to forget fast. So how can an online teacher or instructor make learning natural and engaging? Here are strategies to use.

Understand Who Your Learners Are

Regardless of academic levels, students are more likely to enroll in an online class if the program is motivating and interesting. However, most teachers find doing that a big challenge because they fail to connect with their learners.

Most teachers would follow the traditional teaching method, which involves standing in front of a class and delivering a lecture for an hour or more without taking the time to connect with students. However, creating solid connections fosters trust, builds rapport in the classroom, enhances engagement, and is vital in having a successful year with your students.

A healthy teacher-student connection comes in many forms. It can be as simple as remembering a student's birthday, their favorite game, or just showing genuine interest in their activities outside the classroom. Once you lay a solid foundation, it becomes easier to reach out to students.

Incorporate Several Learning Styles

During the pandemic, many schools shut their doors, and those that continued to operate opted for remote learning. Even when schools were given the go-ahead to resume classes, others opted for hybrid lessons where e-learning was still part of getting an education. Unless you are one of the few instructors who know precisely what their educative content is for, it's best to incorporate different teaching styles.

Students understand information faster if delivered in a learning method they prefer. In addition, since a class contains different students, you want them to comprehend a lesson better. Thus, include audio and visual content and allow learners to print notes and even complete assignments in groups.

For students who need help outside the classroom to better understand some lessons, telling an online subject expert "write my essay" can help them find the assistance required to meet academic goals. Analyzing your audience's habits, learning preferences, abilities, and expectations from the online learning experience is a great strategy to enhance engagement. Doing a thorough analysis helps to know students' educational background, whether they respond well to new technologies or can dedicate ample time to a heavy workload.

Set Learning Goals

The aim of setting clear learning objectives is to know why learners need the information. To do this, set learning goals at the beginning of each academic year or course and point out which skills the learners will gain. For an educator, having clear learning objectives helps create educational content that adds value to the learners.

Create the Right Environment for Learner Engagement

An optimal classroom climate increases student achievement. It also creates a sense of order and addresses all students' needs. A thriving learning environment builds good relationships, has clear open communication, and allows students to have a say, building trust. In a positive learning environment, students can learn from their mistakes, celebrate and get motivated by others' achievements, and work as a team. It also enhances students learning experience and boosts productivity.

So always share honest feedback, tell a student you believe in them, and prove that the learning environment is a judgment-free zone and a place where all kids are treated equally. When creating projects, ensure students will be excited about them. The projects should also be meaningful, impart the necessary knowledge, and build skills.

Keep the Audience Interested

Virtual lessons have a reputation for having limited interaction between teacher and students and amongst the class members. One popular way of keeping online students interested in learning is to make the lessons interactive. Setting time aside to allow real-time interaction builds a sense of community and prevents isolation which has been linked to depression, anxiety, and hindering cognitive ability.

Isolation also hinders the development of social skills and meeting behavior expectations. Other ways to incorporate interactivity include:

  • Asking learners to contribute
  • Adding fun elements like gamification to learning
  • Encouraging peer evaluation

Interactive brainstorming creates a space where creativity and original ideas are encouraged, especially in group work.

Keep the Course Content Short

Long content presented in a single lesson is most likely to disengage the audience and cause boredom. Just try listening to a technical lecture for hours. On the other hand, short content captures attention and makes it easier for students to connect with the material.



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