Thinking of Living Beachfront? Here are the Pros and Cons You Need to Consider!

February 17, 2022



Living beachfront definitely has its pros: stunning views, the sound of waves crashing against the shore, and that laid-back coastal lifestyle. But before you make the decision to buy a beachfront property, it’s important to consider the cons as well. Below we will look at the pros and cons of beachfront living.

PRO: Stunning Views

The views are hands down, the best thing about living beachfront. If your property allows for it, you can take in both sunrise and sunset from this prime location, which is something very few people get to experience. It’s hard to beat watching the colors of the sky change throughout the day while enjoying a cup of coffee on your patio.

CON: Pricey and Competitive Market

As with most desirable locations, living beachfront is expensive and there tends to be a lot of competition. Depending on where you are wanting to live beachfront, there can be steep competition for houses coming on the market, and of course, there are only so many homes with beach access.

PRO: Relaxing Lifestyle

If you want to relax and enjoy life, this is probably your best bet. Beach living gives you easy access to some of the most beautiful views in the world while also providing the convenience of the waterfront only steps away. There is a laid-back quality to beach living that you won’t find in many other places. It can be one of the most peaceful and relaxing ways to live.

CON: Water Damage

If you end up buying a place with direct ocean or water access, you need to consider the damage that water causes over time. Water damage can lead to mold, rot, and ruin the structure of your building. Living on the ocean can also mean dealing with salty air that can wear down materials very quickly.


PRO: Rental Opportunities

If buying and maintaining a beachfront property just isn’t in your budget, renting it out could be the perfect option for you. Renting to vacationers has become more popular over the years due to how beautiful the beaches are. Some people choose to rent their property through home-sharing websites like Airbnb where they can cash in on the increased cost of lodging during peak seasons.

CON: Damaging Weather

Some of the most beautiful locations in the world are also ones that get a lot of damage from storms and weather. If you live on the East coast, you know all too well how hurricanes tend to hit this area hard. Living beachfront means putting up with very harsh weather conditions like these.

PRO: Convenience

Living beachfront means convenience unlike anything else. Most beachfront properties have access to the water, so you can walk down your steps and be in the ocean within minutes. You also have easy access to all of the amenities that come with living on a beach like cafés, bars, restaurants, shops, and spas. For beachfront properties located in popular vacation towns such as Hilton Head, SC or Ocean City, MD, you are never too far from anything you could want.

CON: Less Privacy

Unless your beachfront property comes with private beach access, chances are there may be a considerable amount of people in what essentially is your yard. It can be hard to have privacy on a beach that is shared with others, especially if it’s a busy one. Living on the water also means being more exposed to the public and having fewer options for escape when you need time alone.

PRO: Better Air Quality

Living somewhere with a beach tends to have some of the cleanest air you can find as air quality improves the closer you get to the water. There is less smog and pollution, which can lead to better overall health and wellness for you and your family.

CON: Sand Everywhere

No matter how often you sweep, mop, vacuum, or wash your floors, there will always be sand everywhere. Dirt also finds its way into your house even if it seems clean. It’s hard to avoid this issue because the beach is essentially outside of your front door for most beachfront properties.

PRO: Healthier Lifestyle

Generally speaking, those who live beachfront tend to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. Whether it be walking along the beach or simply sitting outside enjoying the clean air and sunshine, there is no denying the impact that living by the water can have on your lifestyle.


CON: Higher Property Insurance Rates

Living beachfront means you have a higher chance of damage from water and storms so your insurance rates may be higher than someone who lives inland. While this may not be a huge deterrent for potential buyers, it is definitely something to be aware of.

PRO: Higher Resale Value

Beachfront properties retain their value exceptionally well. Even when other areas of the real estate market fluctuate, waterfront properties remain relatively steady as their popularity rarely changes.

When weighing all of the pros and cons of living beachfront, it’s important to consider every angle. Some things, like the rental opportunity or better air quality, may be a clear benefit for you and your family. But other factors, such as less privacy or higher insurance rates, may not be worth the trade-offs for everyone. It’s up to you to decide if living on the beach is right for your lifestyle and budget.


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