What Kind of Water Damage Is Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

February 9, 2022


Water damage can be a result of natural disasters or man-made causes. Many homeowners’ insurance protects against sudden and accidental water damages. You can expect to get covered for repairs such as pipe bursts, water saturation in the ceiling, drenched drywalls, etc. However, it is important that homeowners stay updated with the details of their insurance since some expenses might not be covered by their policy providers.

Countless possibilities may cause water damage to one’s home. Instances such as floods, natural disasters, faulty equipment, trees with hostile roots, frozen pipes, etc., can lead to water damage in houses. The important thing to remember is that these things do happen, and it is impossible to stop such occurrences every time.

The unfortunate events leading to water damage in the home are tormenting for the residents. And if the trouble is escalated with added expenditure from their pockets, it becomes very taxing. Therefore, it is important to get yourself protected against such mishaps.

Types of Coverage

A homeowners insurance policy covers three types of coverage, i.e., dwelling coverage and personal property coverage. Let us try to get a better insight into each type of coverage:

Dwelling Coverage

If your homeowners’ insurance has dwelling coverage, you will be covered for structural damages if a covered peril caused the destruction. For example, if pipe bursts cause water damage in your home and impact the wall structure, dwelling coverage would cover its repairs. It is ideal to have dwelling coverage equal to the home’s replacement cost.

Personal Property Coverage

If your homeowners’ insurance has personal property coverage, you will be covered for damage to personal belongings if your insurances cover the risk. For example, personal property coverage would pay for its replacement or repair when your laptop, camera, furniture, etc., gets damaged due to a pipe burst.

ALE or Additional Living Expense Coverage Clause

When the water damage is so extensive that it renders your home unlivable, you will have to find other places. Not to forget the additional expenses such as travel, food, or residence costs associated with the temporary displacement. ALE coverage covers any such expenses if such an option is opted by you when taking homeowners’ insurance.

Important Note

You need to read your policy document carefully and thoroughly to understand the extent of coverage and deductibles. Your insurance provider will be able to give you better insight into the details of your policy.


Types of Water Damage Covered By Homeowners Insurance

Water leaks and water damage will be covered by your insurance only if the cause is accidental or sudden. Some of the types of water damages covered by homeowners’ insurance are:

Sudden or Accidental Water Discharge

What happens if the water damage results from a bathtub or washing machine overflow? Your homeowners’ insurance will cover the expenses if the cause of overflow is construed to be sudden and accidental.


Factors such as proper maintenance of equipment, negligence on the homeowner, etc., are investigated by the insurance companies before approving to cover the damages.


If the water damage results from a broken appliance, your homeowners’ insurance would cover the expense because the cause was accidental.

Rain and Snowstorms

Homeowners’ insurance covers water damage resulting from natural causes such as rain. Other such coverages are:

  • Ice damage
  • Damage from winds or hail
  • Power surge damages
  • Damage from fallen trees
  • Lightning strikes damage

The extent of cover would depend on the damage to your home and the limit of your insurance policy.

Plumbing Issues

One of the most common causes of water damage is plumbing issues. Therefore, the insurance companies cover these damages after proper scrutiny.

If the water damage results from a broken pipe, malfunction in plumbing, or leakage, and it was unexpected or sudden, then you will be paid for the damages. But if the insurer proves that you could have prevented the water damage from occurring, you will be denied any coverage.

Mold Formation Due to Covered Water Damage

A common observation after water damage is mold formation. Getting rid of it is vital but also expensive. Your homeowners’ insurance will cover mold removal costs caused by a covered water damage hazard. However, if the mold is formed due to negligence, or improper maintenance, then the expense to remove such mold will not be removed.

The insurance provider would determine the cause of mold formation, and if they find that the cause was due to covered water damage, you will be partly or fully covered for the expenses to remove the mold.

Final Words

Besides the above-mentioned water damage scenarios, numerous other causes may lead to such damage. If you are apprehensive about the possibility of not getting sufficient coverage, it is always wise to opt for an additional floater or endorsement.

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