Why Escape Rooms Are the Perfect Place for Team Building?

February 11, 2022

There are several team-building activities to shake up morale and improve the productivity of a team. But as all these are based on the old know-me-better category, all the activities are now very predictable and highly ineffective. So, if you are looking for team-building sessions that can actually bring in a positive difference in your group dynamics, escape rooms are just the right solution for you.

An escape room is a thematic room where a team of players gets locked in, with a mission to escape the place within 60 minutes. This particular concept is enjoying growing popularity, especially in corporate sectors, for its effectiveness as a team bonding experience. When a team of coworkers is put into a situation where they must work together towards a shared goal harnessing each of their personal skills, it helps build camaraderie like nothing else.

Even during the pandemic, escape rooms managed to remain one of the most sought-after team-building activities, thanks to its evolution into the virtual mode. Online escape rooms eliminated the restrictions of physical distance by allowing people to get together and enjoy a beautiful experience from the comfort of their homes. The level of engagement in an online escape session is unmatched by any other team activity. This is why almost every organization is trying out this unique concept for their in-house team-building events.

Still not convinced why you should choose escape rooms for team building? Let’s break things down for you.

1. Cost-effective and easy to organize

Team building trips and lodging cost a fortune. Compared to that, escape rooms are highly affordable. With escape rooms, not only are you saving money from spending on unnecessary luxuries, but you also get ease of mind as a perk. You need to book the rooms and let the hosts and game masters take it from there.

2. Boosts immediate problem-solving skills

Escape rooms put you in unpredictable situations, and your job is to come up with spontaneous solutions. By thrusting a team into these simulated circumstances, escape rooms allow the players to understand their individual and team strengths and come up with creative ways to overcome any challenges lying ahead.

3. Works both in on-site and virtual mode

If your employees are from different cities or countries and you want to include them in your team-building session, it will be easier to conduct a virtual event. On the other hand, if you want your team to meet and play as a team, you can go for the physical experiences. So, no matter which mode you are dealing with, escape rooms are always there to save the day.

4. Build Communication

For any team to function as a team, communication is the key. Whether it is among friends or colleagues, a group of people cannot coexist if there is no open and honest communication among the individuals. Escape rooms force players into a scenario where they organically communicate with teammates and ask for help where needed. On the surface, it might seem a trivial matter but creating this trust enables the players to communicate better even outside the scope of the game.

5. Players get in touch with their strengths

Escape rooms allow team members to self-assess how well they can perform under pressure. With the clock constantly ticking and a vital mission at hand, players get to explore how they self-regulate the anxious jittery and work around the situation. Some might realize they are great at time management; someone else might turn out to be good with observation, while some other team members might step up to the leadership role unexpectedly. Escape rooms are the ideal activity for any corporation that is trying to gauge the aptitude of its teams.

6. Several themes to choose

All escape room companies like breakout escape room Koramangala offer theme-based games to play. You can go about choosing your pick in the following ways:

  • You can learn the common interests of your team members and choose the one that will cover everyone’s personal taste. This will ensure everyone engages with the experiences proactively.
  • You can choose a theme that can teach your team skills that you want them to learn. Mystery-based rooms are great for learning observation skills, while survival-themed experiences push your time management instincts to the front.
  • You can just choose one randomly, and your team is still guaranteed to have fun.

7. Great burn-out break

Escape rooms are, at the end of the day, a mode of entertainment. So, of course, you can expect your team to relax, have fun, and connect with each other in a light-hearted environment. The simulated environments allow players to disconnect from the stress and pressure of real life, helping them rejuvenate their senses. As a team-building activity, escape rooms cover multiple bases, including both amusement and education.

8. Critical thinking enhancement

Every escape room comes with well-thought-out gameplay that pushes players to think outside the box. You need to step out of your comfort zone and engage with analytical thinking to see beyond the surface and uncover clues. The puzzles will require memory retention and the ability to correlate. With an escape game, your team will be subconsciously trained to engage in a creative thought process to overcome unconventional problems.

9. Connect beyond hierarchies

By nature of the activity itself, escape rooms can bring people together like nothing else. Working on a problem together to come up with solutions under the pressure of a simulated threat or danger- this unique concept can create bonds faster than any other activity. With so much communication and collaboration happening inside the room, it is impossible not to grow close acquaintances and a certain comfort level among each other beyond the game.


To be honest, escape rooms are great for any occasion where the goal is to bring people together, entertain them, and make sure everyone remembers the experience. But for team-building purposes specifically, there are added perks of subtle learning and development training that can be very easily incorporated into any game. Many brands also offer special corporate event packages, focusing on personalized needs for team-building events.

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