4 Affordable Bathroom Wall Design Ideas.

March 7, 2022




Bathroom walls are not your typical home walls. They are constantly exposed to high moisture and easily get damaged.

They need a bit of extra attention in order to invoke the right feel and remain durable.

Other dry areas of your home can work with any wall decor or wall covering.

However, the moisture-laden air in bathrooms can damage unprotected walls, and turn your space into a disaster.

Let us look at some classic wall covering ideas that are popular for bathroom refurbishment london.


Vinyl-coated wallpaper specifically, is a durable and awesome option for your bathroom walls,

With the new vinyl wallpaper designs out there, you can easily transfer your bathroom into a sophisticated oasis.

Since the wallpaper is not 100-percent paper, it does not deteriorate from the moisture in the bathroom.

Apart from coming in gorgeous designs, vinyl wallpaper is very easy to install.

Infact, most vinyl wallpaper can be peeled and reapplied repeatedly, making them extremely cost-efficient.

Make sure that you try out a sample of the wallpaper on your wall before you commit to it.

When you have settled on a design that you like, you can play around with patterns and sizes to visually enhance your bathroom theme.

Painted Walls.

Painting your bathroom can also help keep your walls free from moisture damage.

Keep in mind that not any ordinary paint will do.

Paint used in bathrooms has properties that make it suitable for bathrooms. Using semi-gloss interior paint can do the trick.

I’m sure you have seen how water beads up on some wall surfaces.

This happens on wall paint that has a high gloss sheen.

They do not trap moisture and can be a good enough alternative to premium bathroom paints.

Although designated bathroom paint is 100% waterproof with anti-mould and anti- mildew properties, they can be quite expensive.

Painting your bathroom walls with regular high gloss interior paint is one of the most affordable methods of protecting and decorating your bathroom walls.

Pro Tip: Matte paints are moisture traps and should be avoided in bathrooms.


Ceramic tiles are a great way to bring new life into your bathroom.

Expert tile application is a simple way to get rid of moisture issues in any bathroom. Work with professional installers for best results.

Apart from keeping moisture at bay, ceramic tiles are a classic bathroom design concept whose beauty remains timeless.

Tiles are a great way to bring out your personality in this important space.

Be sure to keep your design simple and creative.

Keep in mind that tiles can be too busy and make your bathroom feel too cramped.

To enhance your bathroom appearance, use tiles that have a simple pattern, and avoid geometric designs that are too overwhelming.

Tiling your bathroom walls only halfway is a great way to keep things simple and classy.


Tileboards are a fast and easy install for any bathroom, especially if you are doing a DIY bathroom remodel.

Tileboards look similar to tiles, especially ceramic tiles, and give off a great aesthetic appeal.

The large panels can be coated to make the surface more wear resistant.

Tileboards repel moisture and are an inexpensive wall covering that any bathroom can benefit from.

With every cheap alternative however, there are a few limitations.

Tileboards are not very versatile in their design.

Due to their limited aesthetics, they are preferred in guest bathrooms, as they add very little design and value to a home.

To retain the shape and longevity of your bathroom, keep all the seams sealed with bathroom silicone caulk.


Bathroom remodels that add modern design elements are a great way to upgrade your bathroom.

Feel free to express your personal style but remember to always let your bathroom space feel airy and relaxing.

Wall coverings give you an opportunity to play around with different designs. So go ahead and give it a try!

If you need help finding the best bathroom wall designs for your home, reach out to the experts at Hackney Bathroom Fitters.

We offer unmatched bathroom fittings and renovations including designs and ideas on the latest trends on bathroom wall design ideas.

Contact us today and get a free quote on your first bathroom remodel consultation.


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