4 Smart Ways To Renovate Your Small Kitchen.

March 7, 2022



Small kitchen remodelling can be fun and exciting because a small kitchen is not always a huge problem as most homeowners believe.

These kitchen spaces are easy to navigate around and are inexpensive to remodel due to their size.

However, the only thing to keep an eye out for is space.

Unlike with a large kitchen, space is limited and this means that you need to make design choices that are also functional.

Don't worry, you can easily maximise space without compromising on style in your small kitchen renovation london.

To get the most out of your small kitchen, here are some great ideas for remodelling your small kitchen:

Smart Floor Layout.

Small kitchens are usually spaces with minimum floor space.

The right floor plan will ensure that you save up on that precious floor space and maximise on what is available.

Use your walls as a great way to plan out your floor space. A popular choice is the L-Shaped plan.

Two walls that are 90 degrees to each other are used for all the counters, cabinets and appliances.

It allows for ample walking room and is efficient for most small kitchens.

Leaving an empty wall gives the kitchen more space and it feels less cramped.

Pro Tip: If you want a kitchen island for your small kitchen, avoid using the L shaped plan.

Scale Down.

Large kitchen appliances are great to have, but not if they make your kitchen look cramped.

Apart from minimising valuable space, bigger appliances may not be the best thing for your small kitchen remodel.

Try using more economical and smaller appliances to save on space.

For instance, you can choose to shrink the sink, or go for an over the counter electric oven with your induction stove and cooktops.

Better still, you can add more kitchen room by using out-of-kitchen storage areas.

Placing your pantry in an adjacent room is a great space saving idea, especially if your kitchen is very small.

Think small and only get appliances that you actually need in your small kitchen.

Smart Storage.

In a small kitchen, storage is a huge priority.

Sometimes you have to maximise kitchen shelving and cabinets over appliances and decor.

Tough choices must be made to ensure that you keep your small kitchen remodel as efficient as possible.

A great idea is to make use of your vertical space. Walls are your friends in a small kitchen.

Opt for appliances that can be stored in cabinets and keep large appliances that eat up floor space minimal.

You can also install lazy susans and roll-out shelves inside these cabinets for more functionality.

Install filler cabinets with sliders.

They can be as narrow as three inches and used to store smaller essentials such as spices and utensils.

The more you can do inside your storage spaces, the more room you have to enjoy your small kitchen space.

Keep it Light.

There are a few tricks that can make a small kitchen seem larger than it actually is.

It all comes down to smart design choices that enable you to turn your small kitchen around.

One simple method is by installing large floor tiles.

Larger tiles shift the focus from how tiny the room is and gives the illusion of a more airy and large space.

Another great design tip is to use light hues and shades throughout your small kitchen

From the storage spaces, to your appliances and even your decor and colour choices, everything must be light.

Why? Well, this helps you reflect as much light as possible in your small kitchen.

Brighter-colored textures and neutral tones lighten up your kitchen and add the feeling of space.

A small kitchen backsplash is a great space where you can add some personality without being too imposing.

Use this space to get creative and fun, and keep everything else minimal.

Avoid dark and bold colours in small spaces. This will only serve to make the room feel suffocating.


Small kitchen remodels are great if done right and the best choice is to consult with experts for your design choices.

If you need help, Hackney Kitchen Renovations is glad to help you plan and design your small kitchen remodel.

Reach out to us for the latest trends in small kitchen design and get a kitchen that you enjoy spending your time in.



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