7 Best Plants For Your Apartments

March 16, 2022


There is nothing better to lift your mood than having beautiful houseplants growing around in your home. You can get any plant you want for your home with unlimited indoor space.

But if you live in an apartment or a condo with tight living space, you have to consider many factors before buying a plant. For example, an apartment plant should be small, forgiving and have low-maintenance foliage.

Here is a list of the 7 best plants for your apartment that fit these criteria.

1. Dragon Tail Plant

Epipremnum pinnatum, also known as Dragon Tail Plant, is a beautiful climbing perennial from the Araceae family. This plant is endemic to Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands and grown as a house plant or office plant all around the tropical regions.

It is a low-maintenance plant that needs moderate watering and low sunlight. Both these factors make it a great apartment plant.

Dragon Tail Plant gets its name from its deeply-lobed leaves that resemble a dragon's tail. Young leaves have a smooth and glossy texture and are elliptical without lobes. The leaves become lobed and turn dark green as they mature.

2. Haworthia Zebra Plant

Haworthia Zebra Plant is a perfect addition to your apartment because it is a tolerant succulent with low-maintenance foliage. Haworthia can grow 5 to 8 inches indoors. It would be quite easy for you to find a space for this small plant in your apartment. You can keep it on your kitchen's counter, your bookshelf or even your smallest table in the house; this little guy will fit anywhere and everywhere.

The Zebra Plant grows triangular-shaped, dark-green, firm leaves with narrow white stripes. It is a flowering species, and luckily it blooms indoors. You will get to see beautiful white to pink flowers growing among the rosette of its leaves from October to November.

3. Dwarf Snake Plant

Dwarf Snake Plant is just the smaller and cuter version of our favorite Sansevieria trifasciata. It is the most popular apartment plant because of its fail-proof and indestructible foliage. So if you lack a green thumb and often end up killing houseplants, this plant is the best choice for you.

Dwarf Snake Plant has erect dark-green leaves with yellow stripes on them, hence the name Snake Plant. These leaves grow in a cylindrical pattern, and the mature plant can get 6 to 10 inches tall and wide.

4. Zanzibar Gem

Zanzibar Gem is a stylish indoor plant that gives a tropical touch to its surrounding space. It is a hardy houseplant that can tolerate an amazingly high amount of neglect. Even if you forget to water it for a few weeks, this plant will appear as fresh as always. In fact, you need to water it just once every month.

This perennial plant has wand-like, waxy, dark-green leaves that grow on long stems. It can get 3-4 feet tall indoors with proper watering and light exposure. Once it reaches its mature height, Zanzibar Gem can gracefully beautify your whole apartment.

5. Wax Vine

You should think twice before growing flowering plants in your apartment because of all the mess they make. But there is one flowering plant that is easy to maintain and easy to grow even in an apartment, and that one stunning plant is Wax Vine or Hoya Carnosa.

Hoya Carnosa is an attractive trailing plant with long slender stems and leathery, green leaves. This plant produces beautiful star-shaped flowers that grow in round bouquets, and these flowers range from pink to white to light red color.

This plant blooms only under bright, indirect sunlight, so you have to keep it in a well-lit place in your apartment. You can also grow it in a hanging basket because it is a trailing plant.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another succulent that is super difficult to kill and makes an excellent apartment plant. It is a small-sized plant that can grow 1 to 3 inches tall indoors.

Despite its numerous health and cosmetic benefits, Aloe Vera is popular among gardeners because of its striking foliage. It has thick, fleshy leaves that grow in a rosette pattern, and these leaves have pointed tips on their blades.

Because this plant needs infrequent watering and can tolerate low sunlight, it is perfect for apartments.

7. Spider Plant

Spider Plant is a hardy plant from the Asparagus family. It is one of the most common apartment plants because of its adaptable foliage. Spider plants can tolerate bright to low sunlight and survive through droughts to low humidity. Therefore, it can easily grow in apartments.

This plant produces rosettes of thin, long leaves light-green in color with white to yellow borders. The leaves arch outwards and dangle down from all directions, so you can also keep it in hanging baskets.


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