7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Pergola For Your Backyard

March 11, 2022


Summer is right around the corner and sometimes it is hard to beat the heat, but we still want to chill in our yards. Not everyone has a big tree in the backyard that will cast a nice shade and having one parasol just isn’t fancy enough. However, a pergola can majorly help you get some shade and it looks elegant, fancy and creates a lot of space for having a day out during the warm weather. And if these aren’t reasons enough for you to install one, we can do one better!

Pergolas Can Beat the Heat

Summers are getting hotter and having a pergola on your property can really help you beat the heat. So, if you want to be able to spend some time in your yard in the summer, call your local pergola installation services and get one! Summer afternoons are the best time to chill besides your pool or simply have an outdoor space with shade to invite your friends for a drink, and you can easily sit around the table under a pergola and the heat won’t beat you.

They Create a Place for Outside Entertainment

Having this fancy structure in your yard means that you can host an outdoor party within your home. A pergola gives you a nice entertainment area right outside your home and it is a perfect solution for summer parties. And with this extra covered space outside, you can always set up a table, chairs, comfy sofas even, or any other piece of furniture you’d like.

They Add Value to Your Property

As a homeowner, you probably know that fixing up a home is a never-ending task. Adding a pergola can help you finish up that task and easily add value to your home. According to many experts, this installation can add as much as 20 percent to your home since it makes your landscaping even more attractive. What is more, unlike gazebos, pergolas are much more affordable and add value to a home at the same time! They provide beauty, shade, and plenty of interest to your outdoor area, making it a poignant asset.

Pergolas are Versatile

Since you are adding another room technically in your backyard, the space under a pergola can be turned into anything. If you don’t like being stuck inside your home office on nice days, you can always turn that space outside into your new office. Just by setting up a big table under it and a comfy chair, you can easily work for hours out in the fresh air.

Also, this space can act as a dining area. If you have a big family that loves having meals together, why not have them outside. Simply lay the table and have a nice family lunch every summer day and enjoy the fresh breeze under your new structure. Plus, this is a perfect space for some outdoor entertainment with friends, as mentioned above.

A Nice Space for Simple Gardens

If you want to further create shade or make this space even more beautiful, you can always plant some flowers around your pergola. Plants will provide fresh air and cool down the environment, and nice sweet smells of flowers will fill your yard instantly. And if you blend those new flowers nicely with the ones that exist in your yard already, you will truly boost your landscaping and create a zen garden for yourself.

They Create Privacy

Even though a pergola installation is an open space, it does provide privacy. Since it is separate from the rest of the house, you can easily have quick meetings there or urgent discussions with clients, friends, or family. What is more, you can always set up a screen on one side of the pergola to create a cover and more privacy and shield yourself from nosy neighbors.

Versatility in Materials

Since pergolas are highly affordable, you shouldn’t worry about the price but rather think about their function in your yard. If you want something elegant, you can do that with a pergola; if you want something festive, there is a pergola for that, and so on. These structures can be made of any material you want, including metal, alum wood, cedar, and even vinyl. Just do your research and see what fits your taste and outdoor design and you can certainly get it.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to get a pergola installed in your backyard. They are versatile, they are not expensive and they are easy to maintain. And above all, they bring versatility to your backyard and create a whole new space for you to enjoy.



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