A 7-Item Checklist To Deep-Cleaning Your Home's Exterior

March 25, 2022

Deep cleaning is a must for every property to ensure its cleanliness. Generally, this process includes a more thorough decluttering of the house, resulting in an allergen-free and pest-free environment. In addition, it allows improves air quality, paving the way for a more comfortable home.

You may think about your home's exterior since it's highly exposed to dirt, debris, and pests if you're considering cleaning up your house. Because of that, you may need to know how to deep-clean it. For that purpose, you should make a checklist to guide you. So, read this article and start planning for the big day.

1. Wash The Exterior Properly

To clean your exterior walls and siding thoroughly, you may need to scrub them with gentle brushes. If there are stubborn marks, cobwebs, and molds, pressure washing may be necessary. It can help detach the dirt and grime and rinse the walls adequately.

You may also seek professional help from pressure washing companies, such as Pressure Perfect Cleaning and others, to have a top-quality pressure cleaner to help you. You may also apply a DIY pressure washing, but this could be more time-consuming and costly.

2. Clear The Pavement

Neglecting your dirty pavement could lead to weed overgrowth and grime buildup. You could use stiff brushes, a detergent solution, and a scrubbing cleanser to prevent these. If cracks and gaps are present, you may consider applying concrete or putty in the spaces before cleaning.

You may also seek professional pressure washers like to aid you for best results. You may contact your local washers for more ideas of what they can provide, such as https://pressureperfectcleaning.com/ and others.

3. Fix The Front

Fixing your front may include:

  • The repair of your porch or patio.
  • Rearranging your hedges.
  • Setting up your lawn.
  • Repainting your exterior walls.

For this purpose, you may need to plan out the cleaning and start with the most challenging, such as the wall or door replacement, if any.

You may consider fixing the old and worn tiles and columns in porch or patio repairs. If they show broken and protruding parts, you may need to remove them to prevent injuries. In fixing the lawn, you may plan out a design you may refer to in setting up the vegetation in your yard. Painting your walls may depend on the theme you choose. You may stick with repainting the old one or flaunting a new color.

4. Repair The Roof And Gutters

Generally, clogged gutters and unclean roofs lead to water damage, resulting in an unattractive exterior. You may need to scrape the dirt, debris, and leaves off the roof, gutters, and downspouts to avoid this. You may use roof brooms, uniquely shaped troughs, and downspout cleaning tools to remove the clogs.

You may need an adequately fixed ladder to access the gutters and roofs. If your roofs are too high, you may use ropes or cables arborists use to keep you safe. Lastly, you may power-wash the roofs, gutters, and downspouts from the top to ensure it's clog-free.

5. Trim The Twigs

In many cases, you may cut down branches and trim twigs that start to affect your home's exterior. You could use a pruning kit, edgers, and shears to lop and chop any vegetation you need to address. You may also remove the dead leaves, flowers, and dry branches that don't provide aesthetic qualities to your property.

6. Keep The Windows Clean

You may use a firm brush and a power washer to deep-clean your windows but do the cleaning with minimal pressure. This way, you'd avoid breaking the windows. You may also use a glass cleaner and a squeegee for the final touches of the cleaning to prevent water streaks.

7. Spruce Up

For the final touches of your deep exterior cleaning, you may need to refurbish your home’s exterior. You may trim your lawn and remove the possible nesting spaces of pests. You may also add charm to your exterior by replacing door handles and other pieces of door hardware. In addition, you may add a grill, extra tables, chairs, and a swing to improve your exterior's aesthetic qualities.

Wrapping Up

Deep cleaning your house is an excellent way to keep it spotless and well-maintained for a long time. Suppose you're planning to deep-clean your exterior anytime soon. In that case, you may consider applying all the points in this article. Yet, before you do that, you may first assess your exterior's needs to choose and use what suits your outside.

You could talk to a seasoned home cleaning and maintenance crew or research the most effective cleaning hacks for more ideas. You may also chat with your friends and take from them the best cleaning practices you may use to make your property spotless and sparkling.

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