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March 29, 2022

What is a Leaking Balcony?

Balconies and terraces have the highest number of waterproofing failures, according to insurance figures. Although many of these constructions' design standards fail to account for water control, not all leaky balconies are the result of a faulty waterproofing membrane. Balconies that leak can have severe consequences. if not adequately assessed or planned for, and should be a source of concern for any homeowner  Most balconies leak eventually. When the original design was created, the best materials were chosen, but the building process and changes in weather may cause leaks.

Many balconies, particularly in multi-level buildings, are built with modest falls to the ground. If the waterproofing membrane employed is inadequate to handle ponding water. A balcony with a low fall is prone to water accumulating and moisture between the membrane and the tiles, a situation known as "ponding."

When you waterlog a basement, the dampness in the soil surrounding the foundation can cause the foundation wall to rot and eventually collapse. This is called wet-rot or root-boundary decay. In the past, you would typically see water under the slab and along the top of the foundation wall.

 How Can it Be Fixed?

Depending on your cause, you have two options: Create a water-repellent surface. When you apply Shower Plug sealer to the balcony surface, it becomes water-repellent, which stops the leak.

The most cost-effective technique to repair a leaky balcony. For most problems, we recommend using Shower Plug masonry sealer to prevent water from leaking through the surface of the balcony. Shower Plug is a liquid sealer that penetrates masonry surfaces and makes them water-resistant. It is a top balcony sealing product that has been tested and approved by Australian institutions and the CSIRO. Once treated with Shower Plug, the surface itself acts as a water-tight barrier. There is no route for water to pass. The membrane does not need to be replaced. It is simple enough for do it yourselfers to apply and can be ready in 12 hours. As a result, it is the most effective approach to repair a leaky balcony.

Hire a tradesperson to remedy the structural issue. If the balcony has structural concerns, a qualified tradesperson should be consulted. A professional tradesman can also be hired to replace the tiled surface and waterproofing membrane.

When you pick Remedial Home Solutions, you are working with a firm that has been leaking balcony repairs and delivering great balcony waterproofing to Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast property owners for over 15 years.

The Remedial Property Solutions team understands that balconies can leak for a variety of reasons. However, here are two of the most common reasons your balcony is leaking and you need leaky balcony repairs or high-level balcony waterproofing Brisbane and Gold Coast homeowners can trust: Membranes that are porous or damaged Problems with the structure, drainage, or flashing Preventing and Avoiding Waterproofing Issues

How Do You Know if You Have a Leaky Apartment Building?

The damage often isn't as severe as the term implies. Water entering behind the cladding doesn't always mean that the home needs to be torn down. In many cases, the cladding itself can be repaired, and the home can continue to function.

When water is added to a substance, it expands and cracks appear. That's why windows and cladding need careful scrutiny when looking for signs of moisture damage. If cracks or any other damage is found, be sure to contact your insurance company to get your coverage back on track.

How to Prevent Future Problems with Leaky Balconies in Your Own Apartment Building

Balconies are prone to water seepage due to their frequent exposure to the weather. Each balcony is built differently, and the risk of water penetration increases if waterproofing measures do not accommodate the balcony design. Balconies require sufficient drainage and isolation from the internal elements of a apartment, as well as the installation of the proper waterproofing membrane to prevent leaks. Waterproofing failure is typically caused by an unskilled contractor, bad membrane selection, or a homeowner or contractor attempting to save money.

If you have a leaky balcony, the first thing you should do is do a comprehensive inspection and evaluation to discover any anomalies or maintenance difficulties.  If you pour water on the tiles and find some leakage, this indicates that the membrane has been breached/failed, enabling water to flow through. Other things to keep an eye out for are:

  • Grout that is cracked or missing.
  • Water stains on the balcony's underside or the inside ceiling.
  • There are issues with opening and closing the balcony doors.
  • Paint that is peeling or splitting.
  • The balcony railing and pillars have weak structural joints.

If you suspect that your balcony is leaking, the greatest part you can do is hire professionals to come out and assess the situation to determine the cause of the problem. They can tell if any of the conditions listed above apply, or if the membrane has failed.

What Causes a Leaky Balcony? And What Are the Different Types of Fixes

The following are some of the most prevalent and significant sources of balcony leaks: Prior to development, there was a lack of planning.

  • There is no building maintenance.
  • Rainwater causes pooling and membrane disintegration. There is a drainage problem.
  • Natural building movement causes fractures through which water can leak.
  • When building balconies, proper care must be taken during the preparation stage.

To secure a long-term solution to a leaky balcony, become familiar with the proper installation of components and the use of adequate membranes as specified in current manufacturing and construction codes. The damage and health concerns that can arise from the improper or shortsighted use of waterproofing systems can easily be avoided by following the guidelines set by industry standards.

  • Damage to the balcony's and building's structural components, potentially leading to collapse or breakdown.
  • Reinstalling membranes and accompanying finishes is an expensive rectification cost.

Disputes between neighbours or homeowners and landlords, which may lead to lawsuit. Mold growth, which offers major health dangers. All of these risks can result in a variety of issues, including financial loss, property value loss, and health and safety hazards.

Different Types of Fixes

  1. Shower Make the surface water-repellent by plugging it. Remove the membrane and replace it, as well as the tiles.
  2. Make contact with a waterproofing contractor.
  3. Contact a suitable tradesman if the balcony has a structural problem.
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