Best Roof shapes for solar panels

March 28, 2022


In general, any roof type can support solar panels; however, the output of solar panels can vary depending on the roof type. An ideal installation angle for solar panels is 30 degrees (see optimal solar panel angles), with the solar panels facing south for maximum performance. Additionally, the solar panels must not be obscured by any form of obstruction, such as tree sheds, wires, solar panel coverings, or other similar structures, which could interfere with harvesting solar energy from direct sunlight.

As a result, to understand more about how solar panels function on different roof types, let's go through each one in detail to determine which the best roof shape for solar panels is.

Roof Types Suitable for Solar Energy

There are some best roof shapes with solar panels are described below:

1. Tile Roof shape for Solar Panels

Tiled roofs are prevalent and may be found on practically every other house, even though they are composed of various materials. It is critical to examine the materials used in producing your tiles to understand better how to proceed with the installation process with the help of solar panel installers. For example, installing solar panels on clay tiling may be significantly more expensive than installing solar panels on concrete tiling. Installation of the solar panels (either LG or SunPower brand) must be completed with brackets attached to the meetings to allow them to be raised and placed under the tiles during the installation process.

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2. Metal Roof shape for Solar Panels 

The optimum roof for solar panels is a standing seam metal roof with a vertical seam construction. They are not only highly long-lasting and environmentally benign, but they can even outlast solar panels in some cases. The incorporation of standing seams makes installing and attaching solar panels far more efficient and cost-effective than previously possible. Metal roofs are an excellent choice since they are composed of recycled materials and, as a result, with their standing seams, they make it simple to install both PV panels and thin film. Additionally, when the sun is not shining directly on the solar panel, these roof types reflect a substantial amount of sunlight, which affects cooling the building.

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3. Tar and Gravel Roof for with Solar Panels

This is one of the oldest roof forms, and it is most found on houses with flat roofs because of its age. They are constructed from layers of sheets adhered together with hot tar and roofing felt. However, they require additional brackets to achieve the 30-degree tilt, making the operation more expensive. Tar and gravel roofs are dependable and are often ideal solar panel installation solutions because they do not require additional expenses.

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4. Torch down roof shape for solar panels

This distinctively built roof type is typically found on low-angle and flat-roof types alike. They are significantly more expensive than any other roof form, yet, their capacity to survive severe weather makes them stand out among the competition. You should do so if you are looking for the best and are willing to pay a premium for it. This may be the best option for you.

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5. Wooden Roof shape for Solar Panels 

The type of wooden roofing used is primarily determined by how the roof is typically constructed. They usually require shingles while installing solar panels to position them correctly. However, they may not be the most suitable alternative for solar panel installation in some situations. Due to fire safety considerations, they are less feasible than other roofing materials, yet it is possible to install solar panels atop hardwood roofing. If deemed required, ground-mounted systems or community solar may also be considered as other possibilities to be investigated.

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6. Composite Roof shape for Solar Panels 

Because of the structure and materials used, this is the most prevalent and widely used type of roofing on the market. For solar panel installation on composite roofs, which are often made of fiberglass or cellulose mats, composite roofing shingles (also known as asphalt roofing shingles) are increasingly being used instead of traditional asphalt roofing shingles. The final product is created by mixing asphalt and other minerals in the proper proportions to make the final product. There are various benefits to using composite roofing, including lower prices, a more flexible appearance, more extended longevity, etc. Composite roofing is becoming increasingly popular.

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Is It Possible to Use Solar Panels as a Roof?

To answer the topic, solar panels can be utilized as a roof in some circumstances. It is essential to keep in mind a few things, however. The location of the panels' installation plays a significant effect in the outcome of this operation. Additionally, extreme caution should be exercised when determining the orientation of the solar panel (as well as the position at which it is to be installed) to avoid any installation error or unwanted harm.

Solar panels can be used as a roof, but they must be strategically arranged to prevent leaks from occurring effectively. However, it would be best to keep in mind that doing this will not be simple because you will be forced to pay a significant amount of money to purchase as many solar panels as required to cover the entire area for leakage prevention. If there is sufficient access to sunlight and the direction is ideal, you are in good shape to put solar panels on your roof. This tutorial will provide you with more information about solar panels.


Even though there are many different types of solar panels available, some of which are expensive, and others less expensive, specific criteria must be met to determine which the best among all are: efficiency, temperature coefficient, material warranty, and lifespan of solar panel. Similarly, only a few roof types are suitable for solar panel installation, even though there are numerous solutions available on the market for different roof types. Therefore, it is unquestionably preferable to choose metal roof solar panel installation to have a better and more convenient experience at a lower cost.


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