Book EPC - Everything you Need to Know before Getting One

March 3, 2022


What is an EPC?

An EPC is short for Energy Performance Certificate. This certificate is used to estimate the energy efficiency of a property, both residential or commercial. Obtaining this certificate is extremely important for tenants, as well as potential buyers, as the book EPC consists of information which illustrates the average energy consumption costs of the property in question and also provides efficient and in general, useful recommendations which could enable the property to become more energy efficient. An EPC report is very important, as without it's rating a property cannot be constructed, sold or rented in neither England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Who should book EPC?

Obtaining an EPC is compulsory for all landlords in the UK and this must be done every 10 years. In Scotland, however, the case is slightly more different as an EPC has to be received even before any advertising is done on the property. The outcome of an EPC is important too as any rating below E will make the rental of the (residential or commercial) property illegal, in England and Wales. This new regulation came into effect in April 2018.


What are the steps to book EPC?

The process to book EPC is a simple one. To begin with, the survey will be conducted by the Domestic Energy Assessors who are regulated by the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulation 2012.

The landlord or owner of the property is required to book EPC assessment through a local agency.

It may be a confusing process, however, there are numerous providers you can turn to. is a leading home service provider, specialising in book EPC. Simply visit our site for more information and your free quote and you will be connected to the mot qualified tradespeople in your area. After receiving a quote and arranging an appointment most suited to your schedule, the professional will then visit the property in question, inspecting its key areas. From loft and structural insulation to windows and other important areas.

Once the thorough inspection has come to an end, the Domestic Energy Assessors will calculate and provide you with a report, stating the energy efficiency of the property. Also know as a book EPC with useful recommendations attached. These recommendations aim to provide the most efficient and customised guidance, tailored specifically to the property in question.

The main goal of this procedure is to ensure that the property is as energy efficient as its potential allows. The EPC will also provide the landlord/property owner with the estimated financial costs for implementing these changes and the very possible savings they could enable once amendments have been carried out.


How does the book EPC ranking system work?

An EPC can be interpreted through a scale of A to G. These letters rank the energy performance of the property at hand. A+ is the highest ranking that a property can receive, meaning that it is very energy efficient. The other end of the scale - G on the other hand, is the lowest score your property can obtain.

This illustrates very poor energy efficiency and anything below that would be cast as a fail of the EPC inspection. In practise, the lower the letter (E, F, G, etc.) the worse the energy efficiency of the building. The most clear example of the disadvantage this would create can be seen most clearly by higher energy bills in that property. Newly build properties tend to have higher EPC scores, whereas older buildings fall into the lower ratings. On average, properties in the UK rank between the D or E bands.


How long does an EPC last?

As mentioned above, a book EPC will be valid for 10 years. It is important to know that some properties may already have book EPC so it is important to double-check beforehand. This process is very simple, all you need to do is check the EPC register look-up tool. Through this tool you will be made aware if the property has a valid EPC and if it has had an inspection.


What is the cost of book EPC?

There are some factors that may influence the cost of your book EPC inspection, for example, the type of the property, its location, the number of rooms within, among others.


The company you choose to carry out the energy efficiency inspection will also influence the costs. MyConstructor is a specialist in home services and our customer service team can guide and support you through every step of obtaining an EPC. We are able to connect you with the most experienced and trustworthy tradespeople from just £36. It is also good to know that our services are available all across the UK and our team of experts can provide you with a free quote today.


Through obtaining an EPC you will be able to save money on your energy bills and other expenses that could have been avoided. Furthermore, you will be able to access recommendations put together by a professional of the trade, enabling you to take steps to improve the energy efficiency of the property. The main aim of this is to support the environment in which we live in but also to save money.

By improving the energy efficiency of properties, we can take an important step towards reducing our impact on growing emissions. Every effort counts towards improving the world and the environment that we live in. An EPC certificate may appear small on the grand scale of things but it will surely have a positive impact.

By improving the energy efficiency properties, the effect will be an array of significant long term benefits. Book EPC through because it can increase the value of your home. A property that has reached its highest efficiency potential or one that is taking the right steps towards that goal, will not only consume less electricity and water but will also play a big and important part in reducing greenhouse gasses that are fuelled by the use of fossil fuels. Here is where you can do your part.


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