Commonly Reported Problems in Garage Doors in Denver, CO

March 7, 2022

Garage doors usually stop functioning properly when they are not regularly maintained. Oftentimes, door technicians are called because of repairs or damages that could have been avoided if the garage door had had regular maintenance. Get quality garage door service by Select Garage Doors in Denver, CO to prevent your garage door from falling apart.

What Are Common Garage Door Problems?

Forbes reported that a garage door opens and closes over 1,500 times a year on average. It does a lot of heavy lifting every single day when its owners get in and go out. And when it stops working, it gives a real headache to the homeowner. What are the common garage door problems that should need professional assistance?

Faulty Opener Switch

There can be several reasons why the opener switch of your garage door stops working. These reasons include:

  • Locked door
  • Unplugged motor
  • Damaged photo-eye sensor
  • Tripping circuit breaker
  • Burned out fuse

Broken Keypad

Keypads can become faulty when their batteries are dead. You can also check the garage door manual if the keypad needs reprogramming. Call a professional when you can’t figure out what made your keypad stop working.

Remote Control is Not Working

Similar to a dysfunctional opener switch and keypad, a dead battery can be the reason that your remote control is not working. Try to check likewise if the remote is too far from the motor that it can’t send a signal or if there is something blocking the sensors.

Unresponsive Garage Door

The main reasons that your garage door doesn’t open or close include:

  • Faulty remote control
  • Faulty keypads
  • Dead batteries
  • Disconnected motor

Call a professional if the garage door still doesn’t respond when you’ve ruled out all of the above possibilities.

Garage Door Doesn’t Move Even if the Motor is Running

When you try to open or close your garage door and it doesn’t move even when the motor is on, the limits can be off. This can also happen because your garage door is disconnected from the belt.

Garage Door is Noisy

Worn-out or unlubricated rollers can make your garage door squeak terribly. Loose nuts, bolts, and screws can cause rattling sounds on your garage door as well. A torsion spring that is not working well can cause a popping noise. Always ask a professional to replace worn-out torsion springs.

Uneven Opening

Sometimes, your garage door can stop when it is halfway through opening or closing. This could mean that the limits are off. It could also mean that there is something blocking the tracks or the tracks are damaged or filled with rust causing a lot of friction.

Very Slow Movement

Dirty tracks or unlubricated tracks can make your garage door open or close very slowly. The springs in your garage door can also be the culprit. In this case, a professional will have to handle the repair or replacement because garage door springs can be dangerous to handle.

What Causes a Garage Door to Malfunction?

When your garage door ceases to function well, it can give you a headache, especially when you are rushing out the door. Old garage doors wear out and when they do not have regular maintenance, their parts become rusty or damaged.

Modern garage doors that are fully automated can malfunction when their scanning mechanism called the ‘photo eye’ gets dusty. Otherwise, there can be an object that is blocking the door when you are trying to close it.

What Causes a Garage Door Not to Close?

When your garage door gets stuck, there are several reasons that may require the help of a professional. The most common reasons why your garage door won’t close include:

  • Sensors that are not working because they don’t have power or there is an obstacle in the way.
  • Sensors that are covered with dust or dirt that the photo eyes are disturbed.
  • The limits are not set correctly.
  • Garage door transmitters do not have power.
  • Garage door tracks are out of alignment
  • Garage door tracks are damaged
  • Transmitters are out of range or are blocked by an object

Call a Professional For Garage Door Repairs

If you want to save time and money, always call a professional to do your garage door repairs or replacement of parts. This will save you from more expensive repairs in the future and the risk of injury as well.


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