Construction of Lux Palace in the Black Sea Underway: A heaven where Dreams come true

March 28, 2022

Construction of Lux Palace in the Black Sea is underway and ready to give your life new meaning. It's a city intertwining with Dreams, hopes, and happiness. If you really want to see what our real estate project looks like, here is a virtual tour of Lux Palace Builders.

“In the beginning, there was a dream, “a magnificent palace on the shore of the Black Sea. A place that reflects our native beauty and is an inspiration to make all your dreams come true. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Lux Palace, where luxury and modern technology come together…”

Ready for a good time? Say hello to Lux Palace. It's a 5-star hotel concept that's still in the works. And there's no wonder why it's attracting so much attention — the project is located in Odessa, Ukraine, and it will be ready in about 2 years. While the vacation units are still being finalized, everybody is all ears as to what will this unique hotel have to offer. But we all know finding out on our own means waiting, and who wants to wait?

The Lux Palace project is a 5 stars hotel in Ukraine, Odessa. The project will be ready in about two years, lifetime vacation units can be purchased for the price of a vacation in the Maldives for the entire vacation. There are different types of apartments at the Lux Palace to accommodate different categories of travelers including families with children, couples, and senior citizens. When it's completed, the Lux Palace will be the biggest hotel in Ukraine.

Lux Palace is A heaven where Dreams come true

Lux Palace Hotel is a heaven where dreams come true. With its unique architecture, exquisite interior design, and the best service in the world, the hotel attracts many international celebrities, politicians, and businessmen.

LuxPalace Black Sea is a lifetime opportunity to own your own vacation resort. As we all know, the Black Sea is one of the most popular sea destinations in the world for summer and winter vacations. LuxPalace Black Sea offers a great opportunity to get vacation ownership at LuxPalace Black Sea for only 15,000$ for a lifetime.

The unique Spa Centre offers its guests a wide choice of services: swimming pools with mineral water, a Turkish bath, a sauna, a gym, and much more. Guests also have access to the hotel's tennis court and golf course.

The hotel has several restaurants specializing in various cuisines (French, Italian, and others). It also features a large hall for banquets and business meetings, as well as elegant lounges for hosting private parties.

What is vacation ownership?

Getting your vacation ownership at LuxPalace Black Sea means that you will own the right to come on a dreamy vacation for one week per year, every year for a lifetime in our exclusive & luxurious hotel. Yes for a lifetime. Once a year, you will come relaxing from everything and living the dream with all the finest facilities you can imagine, Casino, Dead Sea Spa and so much more.

Of course, you will have the right to pass this gift to family & friends any year you want. So if you understand the power of this opportunity, don’t hesitate and become today the owner of your vacation ownership at LuxPalace Black Sea hotel. Starting now at 15,000$ per unit, just decide how many units you want and contact us now for more information.

The construction is going to take 25 months

The construction of the Lux Palace hotel is going to take 25 months, according to the presentation of the General Director of Lux Palace hotel in Ukraine, Odessa. The hotel will be composed of two towers with 28 floors each, and all rooms will have a sea view.

The hotel is established on a land area of 60,000 square meters just in front of the sea coast. The hotel will have different categories, recreational areas, and also will include a SPA center with an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, and a wide range of medical services and cosmetic procedures, as well as The building, will also have a spa center, a gym, and a parking lot for 450 vehicles.

The project is located on the shores of the Black Sea, in Ukraine, Odessa

Lux Palace is located on the shores of the Black Sea, in Ukraine, Odessa. It is a unique architectural monument of the early XX century. The luxurious building and its interior design is a masterpiece of art nouveau style. It is an exotic accommodation place in Ukraine for tourists and businessmen and leisure travelers... Lux Palace offers a wide range of services and amenities to maximize your stay in Odessa. The luxurious rooms at this hotel provide you with all the necessities for a comfortable stay.

Lux Palace offers its guests a wide choice of accommodations, from standard rooms to suites and penthouses. The hotel has a swimming pool, a fitness center, an outdoor spa, and a sauna. It has a wide range of facilities, including a casino, sauna and massage center, restaurant, and bar. Lux Palace offers comfortable rooms with balconies overlooking the sea. The hotel's staff strives to make sure that every guest has an enjoyable stay. In addition, there are two restaurants with spectacular views of the sea and a conference facility.

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