Flat Fee Group Reviews - Pros & Cons

March 8, 2022

As for sale by owner transactions gain traction, so do the flat fee MLSs that facilitate these transactions. One such company, Flat Fee Group, has emerged as one of a handful of flat fee MLSs that operate nationwide, making it a go-to option for many homeowners. While having this nationwide reach has enabled the company to establish itself as a leader in the FSBO space, before you decide to sell your home using their services, it’s important that you assess Flat Fee Group reviews. Why? Your home is your most significant asset. If you are going to be entrusting the responsibility of selling it to a company, that company should be reputable and provide real value.

Whether Flat Fee Group meets those criteria will be revealed in this detailed review of the company’s offerings.

Flat Fee Group Reviews: What to Consider Before Listing Your Home With Them

Flat Fee Group launched in 2003, making it one of the oldest flat fee MLS providers in the country. These years in business also mean that we can assess more real Flat Fee Group reviews to determine if their performance is what you would expect from a flat fee MLS.

Pros of Using Flat Fee Group As Your Flat Fee MLS

Since Flat Fee Group has been around for nearly two decades, they have a deeper understanding of what sellers on for sale by owner websites want and need in a transaction. The multiple positive Flat fee Group reviews are also a testament to their years in business.

Industry-Leading Value Adds

Flat Fee Group still prioritizes old-school sales methods. This means that with many of their packages, they offer physical for sale signage and printable flyers. Although these may have been cutting-edge features, most people search for homes online. Thankfully, Flat Fee Group has embraced online selling. Part of that embrace means you get your home syndicated to over 23 property websites, including Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Sotheby’s, Remax, and Century21, to name a few.

Another stand-out feature offered by Flat Fee Group that isn’t offered by any other flat fee MLS: is getting a dedicated for sale by owner websites. So, if you want to market your property, you can use that direct link.

Independent Owner Operated

Each location has an owner. While they’re affiliated with Flat Fee Group, they handle the work and the paperwork, only using Flat Fee Group as a way to access clients interested in using their services for a “flat fee.” If you’d prefer to have a human element in the transaction, using Flat Fee Group could be your solution. Most of these independent owners already have established brokerages, giving you peace of mind.

Cons of Using Flat Fee Group As Your Flat Fee MLS

To get the most exhaustive perspective, you need to assess the cons, the more negative Flat Fee Group reviews. These reviews will help you decide if doing business with the company still seems appealing to you and will help you decide if you want to accept these risks to access Flat Fee Group’s benefits.

Outdated Systems

Unfortunately, as most of our daily interactions have moved online, Flat Fee Group has fallen behind, using outdated systems and processes to onboard clients.

Most documents need to be scanned. Then to move ahead with any process, you need to wait for your broker to get back to you. If you need to make changes to your listing, your broker 一 once again 一 needs to be available to initiate the changes on the MLS. This means you have little control over the process as you have to rely on your broker to take action.

Uncompetitive Pricing

At face value, Flat Fee Group seems to offer competitive pricing, but a deeper dive into the optional “extras” they provide and the inflexible buyer agent’s commission reveals that you’re not making as much of a saving as you’d expect when using a flat fee MLS.

Even basic features like phone support, disclosure forms, and signing documents electronically, come at an additional cost. If cost is important to you, you’d have much better success with services like Houzeo, as they provide more value-for-money.

No Consistency Across States

Since each state is independently owned and operated, the service level can differ drastically from state to state, as you’re relying on the broker and not the company necessarily. You also have little recourse with the company, even if you’d like to complain about the brokerage you’re dealing with. This fractured system often means that customers’ experience with the company is vastly different, meaning even the glowing Flat Fee Group reviews may not apply to your case as the broker you could be dealing with may offer different levels of service.

The broker is responsible for listing your home on the MLS. This means the service isn’t automated.

Before you select Flat Fee Group as your flat fee MLS, assess Flat Fee Group reviews for your state. There are plenty of fantastic options that offer more automation, cost-effective pricing, and most importantly, consistency. Options like Miami-based Beycome or nationwide flat fee MLS, Houzeo. Both of these flat fee discount real estate brokers offer better automation, more value for your money, and excellent customer care that is evident in their many five-star reviews.


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