Foam Insulation for a Home Office

March 2, 2022


Over the past couple of years, remote workstations became more and more prevalent. Initially, it was fine to carve out a part of the living room but over time, and the option to continue working from home, it has become necessary to find a more “official” area that you can truly call an office. This could be adding a small room, converting part of the garage, or even adding a small structure outdoors.

If this is the case for you, you may have noticed that your new area is not as comfortable as you would like it. One solution you may want to consider is hiring an insulation company in Virginia Beach to add insulation to the area. There are a number of valid reasons for this decision.


Noise Reduction

Depending on your location, you may be disturbed by traffic, horns honking, lawn mowers or snow blowers, children playing, or other noises. Adding insulation to the walls will help reduce the amount of noise that seeps into your space. Not only will it be easier for you to concentrate and hear video and phone conversations, but it will help the parties on the other side of the line as well.


Air Quality

Spray foam insulation will expand to fill the entire area inside the walls. This means it will prevent a great number of allergens from entering your space. Condensation is reduced or eliminated so there is less chance of mold or mildew.


Heating and Cooling

The insulation will help keep your area at an even temperature and humidity. That means more efficient heating and cooling and a reduction in energy costs. It also means a reduction in the hot or cold spots and offers a more even environment.



Spray foam insulation is relatively inexpensive compared to the benefits you will receive in reduced heating and cooling costs and less noise pollution so you are working more efficiently. It can also show greater value when you decide it is time to relocate.


Stronger Walls

The layer of insulation will add to the structural strength of the outside walls. This means it will be better able to withstand the elements including wind and rain. The air space between you and the outside is reduced so the amount of air movement is lessened.

Spray foam insulation is easy for a professional insulation company to install even in an existing structure. It only takes a small hole to shoot the product that will expand to fill the entire space. Spray foam has less air space than batt insulation so it will be better at dampening the sound and reducing costs associated with heating and cooling.

If this is sounding pretty good, then it is time for you to check into hiring a professional company. You will be able to schedule an appointment for a representative to come to your home and look at the existing or proposed space.

They can take measurements and offer a free estimate for insulation. You can also see the types of services we provide and photos of our workmanship. We are also available to answer questions or provide additional information.



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