Four Fun Ways to Light a Room

March 30, 2022

If you are tired of overhead lights, maybe it is time to look for something that will brighten your life in a different way. Some lamps can provide interesting lighting, but there are other possibilities that you should look into. Here are a few fun ways to light the various rooms of your house.

Neon Light

If you want to provide an electric look to your room, there is simply nothing better than choosing a neon light. Its effect is unique as it spreads its glow to all objects inside the room, as well as to people and animals that happen to be there. You will change the sensation being felt in an instant, when you light your new neon on the wall. It can be sexy, warm, sensual or simply lots of fun. It is also the ideal light in a kids room, for all ages. But the coolest part about a neon light is that you can actually customize it, exactly the way you want it to be. Want to create a cactus for your patio? A beer shape for your bar in the basement? Or maybe a guitar to hang where you play with your band? Everything is possible. Just visit to learn how it can be done.

LED strings

Another great way to create unique lighting in a room is by using LED strings. It will enable you to place the focus on anything you want. If you insert it inside the library, your books will be noticed. If you use it above the kitchen counter, you will be able to cook more easily, under LED lights. And if you place it above the bathroom mirror, you will definitely get the light you need in the evening, when you don’t want to overflood the room. They are easy to position, and they come in various colours as well.

String of Lightbulbs

This type of lighting has become quite common on outdoor patios and even in backyards. It provides a country-fair look, and really creates a beautiful ambience. But now, more people are incorporating them indoors, as well. You can position strings of lightbulbs in almost any way that you can imagine. They usually cover the ceiling, in strings zigzagging over one another. They can also be positioned around doors and windows to highlight them. Just make sure that you don’t find yourself with a permanent Christmas looking house, or your friends will certainly make fun of you.

Star Lights and Laser Projectors

If you want to be more in-tune with the universe than you should incorporate star lights or laser projectors to one of your room. Make it the place where you will go to relax and meditate. Star Lights do not only project small dots on the walls and ceiling, but also provide you with images that will remind you of galaxies. Once again, make sure that you don’t recreate the bedroom you had, when you were a kid, or just don’t tell anybody about it, and let memories of your childhood warm you up.



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