Helpful information on commercial roofing in Miami

March 29, 2022

As a resident of Florida, you would be aware of its rough weather characterized by hurricanes, tornadoes, rain showers, and lightning strikes. Commercial properties in Miami, a city located in southeastern Florida, are vulnerable to all the weather damages mentioned above besides excessive humidity outdoors and indoors.

Rough weather can weaken your roof's structural integrity, while humidity trapped indoors causes mold formation on the rafters and joists, compromising it from within.

If your commercial roofing Miami requires repairs, replacement, or even a new installation, you must contact professional roofing contractors who know how to get the job done efficiently. But what are some ways of knowing that and things you should check before hiring them?

Difference between commercial and residential roofs

It would be helpful to know the differences between commercial and residential roofs. The design is different for both roofing systems, where commercial properties usually have more area in terms of square footage than residential homes to withstand their enormous weight and size.

Houses in Miami consist of a pitched roof with a higher slope which professionals can easily install. At the same time, offices, warehouses, hotels, or shopping centers have a flat design, allowing for regular maintenance checks. In most residential properties, the roof's primary material is asphalt shingles, while in business establishments in Miami, it is sheet metal, coated, and uncoated.

Questions to ask the roofing company

What kind of services do they offer?

The first question you must ask the roofing contractor in Miami is the type of service. For example, if you are looking for commercial roofing repairs, they should offer to check for leaks, cracks, dark spots, missing or damaged shingles, and wind damage.

You could also ask them the roof types they work with, such as a hip, ridge, and coping, and whether they deal with roof drainage and roof cricket.

What materials will they use during installation?

Most commercial establishments use metal, tile, or single-ply roofing because of their vulnerability to humidity and weather damage. Since Miami has an average humidity rate between 74% to 81% throughout the year, most contractors prefer using metal because it is resistant to humidity, including damages.

Further, metal also acts as a cooling agent by reflecting the UV rays responsible for roof surface radiant heat.

Will they help you get a roofing permit?

According to the laws of the City of Miami Building Department, as a business owner, you will require a roofing permit before you can carry out any repair or installation work, whether commercial or residential. You must ask the roofers if they would help you secure it and if they are qualified to do this kind of work.

They must also be aware of the roof drainage requirements set by the Florida Building Code. For example, under Section 1521.3, no repairs should result in an additional collection or ponding of water near or at the property site.

How much do they charge?

Even though the specific roofing cost will depend from one company to another and will vary for installations, repairs, and maintenance, it would be helpful to get an estimate. For example, a metal roof in Miami costs between 7200 USD$ to 38900 USD$, depending on the area covered. A new roof would cost you between 5000 USD$ to 14000 USD$, and even 30,000 USD$ for steep roofs on an average.

Roof access, wind loads, and code requirements are other factors that determine the replacement costs. You must ask the roofers how much you can expect to pay for a project and if there would be any additional costs involved.

Will they handle your insurance claims?

Under the insurance laws prevailing in Florida and Miami, commercial property owners should have supplemental insurance, property insurance, or reopened claims within two years from the date of the damage.

The insurance company should fully cover the replacement costs for a ten-year-old roof. If the roof's lifespan exceeds ten years, the insurers have the right to reduce the coverage amount while considering its type and age.

The claims process can be pretty complicated, involving aspects you might not know. So, it would help if the roofing company had an experienced insurance claim specialist and consultant team to help you with your claims.

After analyzing the damage to your roof, they should understand your insurance policy coverage and report the losses to your insurers while providing them with an estimate and the extent of repair work.

What areas do they serve?

Finally, it would be helpful to ask them in which areas in Miami do they provide their services. Most roofing companies will carry out roof installations and repairs for North Miami, Miami Beach, South Miami, and Downtown Miami.

These are some questions you must ask the professionals before you hire them for commercial roofing in Miami, as that will enable you to avoid any misunderstandings or inconveniences beforehand. You can never be too careful regarding your roof's strength, integrity, and durability.


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  1. Wow this was so informative! As a fellow roofing company in Orlando FL, we find the information in your article extremely relatable.

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