How Investments In Real Estate Can Give You Huge Returns

March 10, 2022

The possibilities of real-estate investments are seemingly endless. Due to the high probability of a property's value rising over time, investors consider real estate a viable long-term investment. The increase also tends to be greater than inflation. Even despite the global pandemic's adverse impact on the worldwide market, the price of real estate appears to be on the rise. Reports show property prices jumped 22% in 2021. Some investors start with a mortgage and then build properties worth millions of dollars across the globe. Others do not even own property but get huge returns worth millions.

This short piece will help you learn things proven to work in real estate investment, so even beginners can start implementing them for a favorable return.

1. Real-estate Value Appreciation

One of the principal assurances of real-estate investment is the value appreciation that usually happens naturally. For example, you may continue to get returns on a property without necessarily making any significant improvement on it for three years. For some real-estate properties, a renovation is all they require, the cost of which is probably then covered by the increased value. Studies show that, on average, real-estate property increases in value by 3%. Real estate professionals like a Newcastle mortgage broker can help you determine a property's estimated value. With a broker price opinion (BPO), you will be able to decide whether a property is worth your investment.

2. Refinancing Your Property Loans

Refinancing a property happens for many reasons. The most common is getting a better interest rate, cashing out on your equity, or getting an estranged partner's signature off a property. When you refinance your property loan, you simply trade in an old loan for a newer one. This typically entails replacing a higher principal with a new and lower interest rate. Your lender then pays off the older mortgage with the new one, leaving you with only one loan and monthly payment.

3. Informal Residential Option

An informal residential real estate option, also called property flipping, is when you acquire the right to own a house for some time by paying a premium. You then seek out investors who are willing to pay more than your option for the property. The amount you earn in the transaction is the fee difference between your premium and the new buyer's payment for the same property, which is technically a payment for finding the buyer. This method has its pros and cons. However, the good part is the possibility to earn by investing momentarily in a property that is not yours in the first place.

4. Investment in Rental Properties

Investing in rental properties is one almost certain way to guarantee steady cash flow on a property. The potential is so high, especially considering the high probability of the property increasing in value over time. Renting out properties to long-term or short-term tenants is highly profitable. But this type of real estate investment comes with the challenge of ensuring property maintenance. However, you can solve maintenance issues by hiring property managers to take on the responsibility.

5. Investment Alternatives

There are alternative ways to earn from real estate, although it is advisable to go into them when you know what you are doing or use a reliable brokerage like a Newcastle mortgage broker. These methods include working with real-estate investment groups (REIGs), investment trusts (REITs), mortgage-backed securities (MBSs), and mortgage investment corporations (MICs). Each of these investment methods has its process to start and trade profitably.


To invest in a REIT, the Newcastle mortgage broker helps you find profitable shares from owners of multiple commercial properties that are available for public sale. When you buy these shares as an investor, the broker then sends rental income distribution based on a predetermined agreement once their expenses are recovered. The REIT stands as the landlord or property manager to the occupants paying rent.


REIGs buy properties with multiple units, take charge of their maintenance and other administrative responsibilities, then sell them as units to investors. A critical difference between REIGs and REITs is that the latter has guidelines and restrictions on the threshold, minimum distribution per investor, etc., unlike REIGs.

MBSs and MICs

These investments are more of debt investment, targeting private mortgages and not the actual properties. They both work as pooled investments, where funds from investors go into different mortgages. MBSs and MICs control the entire mortgage process and pay investors using the interest on the debt. This means that an investor is often required to provide the fund, no need to bother with the knowledge of investment or operation process.

The critical difference between them is that MICs can lend money to people the bank will typically not lend to because they have fewer restrictions than MBS. The reduced regulation for MICs also means the interest rate can be high, suitable for investors, although people seeking mortgages are at the receiving end.


Investing in real estate can be highly profitable. However, investing in a physical property can be risky, especially when you don't have the proper knowledge or experience. Having a proven brokerage is the best way to ensure profitable investments. Also, considering the alternative strategies explained as an option can produce huge returns.

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