How To Convert Your Garage Into A Living Space

March 30, 2022

If your family is growing, but you don't want to move into a different home, you may be thinking about other ways to use the garage space. Or, maybe, you want to add value to your home without spending as much money. Thus, converting a garage may be the solution you've been looking for.

Continue reading for a step-by-step guide to transforming your garage.

1. Plan The Layout And Design

Think about how the space will be used. Create a floor plan or layout to see how everything goes. It’ll also help if you have mood boards for design inspiration. These will serve as a guide in renovating the garage. It’ll be a fun project that everyone in the family can help with. If you are a music lover then, you can also convert your garage into a garden music studio.

However, it’s best to consult with professionals. Hence, consider hiring a contractor to get that peace of mind. They’ll turn your design into reality, while ensuring safety without compromising the room’s quality. Additionally, they can help you with the zoning requirements, and adhere to your local community's proper coding and licensing regulations.

2. Install Doors And Windows

You can install a new garage door, such as the ones from Prestige Doors, to replace the old garage door; otherwise, don't forget to insulate the existing one. Also, add drywall to the garage walls. This keeps the room temperature at bay. Also, the insulation doubles as a soundproof system. It reduces the noise of cars and motorcycles honking, or any type of weather disturbance.

Moreover, it's best to put windows to get as much natural light, proper ventilation, and a view outside the room.

3. Hide The Wires

It’ll be a living space and no longer a storage or service area. Thus, it’d be best to keep the wires and cords hidden. There are a few tips and tricks to hide any unsightly cables and cords. Here are a few things you’ll need for that project:

  • Press Clips – This will be used to hook the cords at the back of the furniture.
  • Cable Wrap – Bundle the wires together in one tube.
  • Baseboard Cord Channels – These will prevent anyone from tripping on the cables lying around the floor.

You may ask the contractor to strategically install electrical sockets, too. If the room is intended for movie nights or the workplace, consider getting a Wi-Fi booster or an additional Ethernet cable to improve the signal in the area.

4. Have Additional Storage

Just like any room, you need storage. You can either get furniture pieces that double as storage units, or build and install them on the walls. These are where you can hide your gardening tools, cleaning equipment, or items that were originally in the garage.

It’s best to install the storage units before putting any piece of furniture in the room. This will give you an idea as to how much space you're left with. After installing the cabinets and shelves, you may start varnishing them and painting the walls. Moreover, don’t forget the accent wall.

5. Add Furniture, Decorative Pieces, Wallpapers, And Lighting Fixtures

First, measure the room size and doorways before you purchase any furniture. Ideally, there should be an allowance of 14 to 18 inches from one piece of furniture to another. Moreover, avoid getting furniture sets; learn to mix and match instead.

Second, decorate the room with accent pieces, plants, and paintings. Also, add mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger space. Find creative ways to showcase the decor.

Lastly, play with different lights to complete the room’s ambiance. Use cool white light if the room is intended for work or studying. And, warm light gives a cozy vibe suitable for movie rooms or bedrooms.

6. Divide The Space And Put Partitions

If the purpose of this room is to extend the laundry room, pantry, home office, then dividing the space is a good idea. Maximize the space and create partitions; however, they don’t necessarily need to be walls.

Here are a few ways to separate the living space:

  • Bookshelf – It provides additional storage space, and at the same time allows you to display your most prized book collection.
  • Wooden Screen – The advantage of using this is that it’s movable.
  • Sliding Glass – This is a good choice if you prefer to see the other part of the room.

Feel free to use curtains, blinds, or pieces of furniture as a divider. Choose something that matches the aesthetic of the room.


Whatever you decide to do with the garage, it’s best to consult with an expert. They’ll go through your plans and design ideas to see if it’s possible, and then you can start the renovation. Start by adding doors, windows, and insulation. Hide the wires to make the room look neat and avoid accidents. Put additional storage, furniture, décor, and lighting. Finally, add partitions to allow for multipurpose room use.

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