How to make the most of a rented led screen

March 4, 2022

The rental of LED screens allows an ephemeral location for acts, events, fairs or conferences with a very specific duration. Install it where needed and relocate them as needed. This dynamic advertising modality is ideal for traveling events, since it can be installed and uninstalled in a few hours in different locations and be operational for use in advertising campaigns, mobile stores, music tours and much more.

If you are considering rental in the USA, please read the following article . Wherever it is, we will inform you about the rental conditions for LED Video Walls at unbeatable prices.

Tips to give it the best use

The use of LED screens in recent years has grown exponentially, adopting the use of monitors for multiple functions; showing information, images, from great distances such as concerts, meetings, public events, competitions, stadiums and above all used for advertising.

Also used in public notices in a decorative way, forming part of the lighting of a place; such as discos, bars, floors, walls, tracks, shopping malls, etc.

This technology offer dynamism and attractiveness that conventional panels, until now, have not achieved. In addition, its content can be updated quickly and remotely, either automatically or manually through its computer system that allows remote configuration of the same. This is why it also goes beyond replacing the classic billboards, which do not have this type of virtual technology.

It is a new style of advertising that is being applied and adapted to more varied and innovative places, such as churches, exhibitions and museums that bet on the transmission of multimedia content.

The panel evolve and transmit the best advertising service option in a dynamic and ecological way. We will tell you about the different uses you can make when renting led video walls.

LED pixel technology offer endless possibilities

If we change the proximity of these pieces of light to each other, they can offer screens fully adapted to various environments to make each place a unique moment for its audience.

In a creative and dynamic way they can be seen shining on:

  • Television channels: As indicators or program backgrounds.
  • Stage background: Generating landscapes, environments, particular places related to the show.
  • Trade shows: As an advertising impact, highlighting the company from the rest with innovative images or videos during the fair.
  • Virtual Productions: That allow modifications to be made instantly from anywhere on the content of the screen remotely.
  • Indoor or outdoor advertising posters on public roads, where the public in motion can impact in a dynamic way, with short messages and specific images.
  • Stair Lighting: These are seen in bars and pubs across the country
  • DJs: booths:lighting and sound accompanying
  • Video Games : Gamer Conventions and more. Greater interaction with gamers, generating experience more realistic about the game.
  • Informative Poster: Replacing traditional posters in places such as transport stations or as indicators in different public places.

Why is buying a led screen a long-term savings?

The best company to buy a screen from is one that doesn't just rent and sell. Being manufacturers of screens that can be rented (not just bought), directly affects their cost. Both those for indoor and outdoor environments have the characteristic, for some manufacturers, of being eco friendly. That is, they are friendly to the environment since their electricity consumption is less than other panels and they also do not emit heat or when they break they are toxic like the old LCD.

What characterizes each panel is not only the efficiency of its technical characteristics and its wide variety of functions, but also the fact that each one of them provides great environmental benefits to the customer and their responsible consumption of this type of product, in addition to lengthening the life of each screen.

Buy LED video equipment in online stores

You will find the possibility to search for a screen that fits your taste and need. And be advised by vendors and technicians, they will help you choose the best screen according to your planned project and your available budget. Without commitment to purchase, you can plan your ideal screen in an agile and fast way with just a few clicks.

In addition to assuring you the guarantee, installation and after-sales services that the company has. Along with the advice you can receive if it is convenient to rent or buy the panels, always think about the objective you will have and the screen itself.

Both in interior and exterior LED video walls for rent, visual technologies are developed that are a trend in the USA. Innovative, attractive and eco-friendly products are presented. That allows a great reduction o f the energetic cost, which in turn stands out and develops the creativity of each image.

Companies usually offer various products and options for each of them, adjusting to the project and your budget to acquire each LED. Complying with excellent service, guiding the best options available in the market according to the planned project.

Within the alternatives of screens we find a variety of sizes that adjust to the different formats and needs, and we deliver here a list with those that we believe contain the majority of uses:

  • LED Video Wall - 25.2' x 9.5' - Full Indoor Package - Plug n Play
  • LED Video Wall - 18.9' x 9.5' - Full Indoor Package - Plug n Play
  • LED Video Wall Screen 11.5' x 6.6' P3.91mm Outdoor Double Turn-key
  • LED Video Wall Screen 19.7' x 13.1' P3.91mm Outdoor Double Turn-key
  • LED Video Wall Screen 25.2' x 11' P1.99mm Indoor Turn-key Virtual Productions
  • LED Video Wall Screen 21' x 11' P1.99mm Indoor Turn-key Virtual Productions

A fundamental element when defining the best of them is the Pixel Pitch measurement (or pixel step) that determines the distance between the center of two pixels together quantified in millimeters, and it turns out that the greater the Whatever the value of the pixel pitch, a greater distance (measured in feet) from the screen is required.

Led Nation, a versatile company with national service with address in Florida, suggests for screens with these characteristics a pixel count greater than or equal to 30,000 and a brightness between 2,000-5,000 Nits.


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