How to Measure for a Loft Ladder?

March 10, 2022

To make a perfect set up of a loft ladder, you have to measure from the floor to the top of the roof. Moreover, you need to measure the loft hatch too. First, save time on which category of loft ladder you need - flooding or sliding.

Then you have to prepare yourself with a list of critical metrics of various ladders. Before purchasing a ladder, measure the hatch and nearby areas to decide which style of the ladder will fit into the available space.

It doesn't mean the ladder will fit just because you like it. Measure the ladders' width and height, together with ladder angle. However, this is a good start; you have to be more precise about the actual measurement.

How to Measure for a Loft Ladder?

You require enough space to fit in when you have a loft ladder. Here is the step-by-step guide for loft ladder measurements.

Make sure your measurements are as correct as possible. The exact measurements will help you avoid problems with the loft ladders for small spaces set up in the future.

Measure The Height

Floor To Floor Height

From the floor of the attic or loft above the ladder and the room above, this is the distance. This measurement is required for siding, concertina as well as telescope-style loft ladders. A bracket will be used to secure the ladder to the floor. The spec of the loft ladder signifies the minimum and maximum floor-to-floor height where the ladder can be set.

Floor To Ceiling Height

Using the ladder resting on the floor as a guide, we will measure the distance to the ceiling from there. This measurement is required if you select a ladder or even a folding ladder with an integrated frame and a hatch.

Loft Opening Dimensions

This measurement refers to the largest hole that can be drilled in your loft to fit your new Loft Ladder accurately. Other factors to consider include the location of the joists, as well as any boilers, chimneys, wires, or other impediments.

This measurement is required for all sorts of loft ladders. Loft Ladders with Hatch Supplied are constructed to precise proportions and cannot be changed. However, they are available in a variety of colors.

Vertical And Horizontal Clearance

This dimension is taken vertically as well as horizontally. Take it from the hinge end of your loft hatch to the nearest impediment, such as joists or Eaves Boilers. This measurement should be included in all loft ladder specifications. This is usually the maximum clearance required. It enables the loft ladder to move when it arcs through the loft.

Swing Clearance

This measurement depicts the arc formed by the folded ladders when they are opened or closed. You can have plenty of space when stowed, but the actual 'swing' clearance is the foremost essential thing. The distance between the hinge end of your loft hatch and the nearest impediment, such as a boiler or eaves, is also measured.

Hatch Clearance

While setting up a folding loft ladder, commit sure that there is adequate space. This space is required for the hatch to move openly. First, the arc between the hatch along with the wall should be measured. The easy method will be to measure the length of your loft hatch's back and the hindrance nearest to the ladder.

Loft Opening Dimensions For Ladders With Frame/Hatch

When a loft ladder comes with a hatch or frame, it'll require a good amount of loft opening where it can fit into. After measuring the opening size, you'll know the exact size to install a ladder with its hatch.

Loft Hatch Opening

If you don't fit the loft ladder hatch till now, then this is high time to measure the loft hatch opening. The size of the hole you'll require to cut to fit the loft ladder, as well as these measurements, determine the hatch.

First, you should think about where the ceiling's structural beams are. Before you begin cutting, consider the presence of wires, pipelines, and other obstructions.

Landing Space

To ensure that you have ample landing area, take the exact measurement from the hatch hinge to the nearest barrier. When your ladder is properly aligned, calculate the length horizontally on the floor again from the hatch's hinge to the normal resting position of the ladder's feet.

What Size Ladder Do I Need For A Loft?

Find the distance between the timbers that make up the loft opening and width. It's important to mention that almost all loft openings aren't perfectly square, so don't be shocked if your measurements fluctuate slightly if you measure at many points. The hatches in our catalog are all listed according to the size of the opening in their structural design.

Are Loft Hatches A Standard Size?

Loft Hatches come in various sizes, depending on the material used in their construction. Plastic Loft Hatches usually are built to accommodate a structural opening of 562 mm (width) x 726 mm (length). But the custom-made loft hatches can be different in size.

Wrapping Up

Many people are worried when it's time to measure for loft ladders. Hope this guideline will help you to make this measuring task more simple. This little knowledge will ensure you get a loft ladder with an accurate fit.

If you need more support while doing measures for your loft ladder, feel free to comment to us below. We'll guarantee that your loft ladder will fit accurately as you want them.

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