Introducing Samsung the Frame TV

March 4, 2022

The Frame, the flagship in Samsung's lifestyle TV family, has undergone substantial aesthetic and feature changes for CES 2021. The Frame is now not just thinner, but it also rotates. Yes, it revolves. As a result, you can use this statement set to display information in both landscape and portrait orientations.

This isn't Samsung's first revolving TV, either. Last year, it showed off The Sero. In comparison, The Frame is more elegant than the social media-friendly Sero, and it's intriguing to see Samsung use the latter's swiveling function (which seemed a little gimmicky in person) for its 43-inch, top-shelf lifestyle model.

Samsung The Frame TV shows you something else when you're not tinkering with the rotation feature or watching TV. It takes advantage of Samsung's Art Store, which houses over 1,400 carefully picked works. The company's new curation tool can even use artificial intelligence to select artwork. To mimic the appearance of a classic picture frame, the Frame's unique design is nearly half as thin as prior models. This means the 24.9-millimeter TV won't protrude as much from the wall, allowing it to blend in better while you're not watching TV. The Frame's case comes in five different bezel colors and two different mold types, making it easy to match it to your home decor. Also, you can prefer Samsung the Frame which makes your living room more attractive and increase your watching experience.

The price and availability of Samsung's new version of The Frame have yet to be announced. However, the current model costs roughly $600 for a 32-inch model and $2,800 for a 75-inch model. The following TV could have a similar price tag.

Aside from The Frame and The Sero, Samsung's lifestyle TV collection includes The Terrace, and a QLED outdoor set revealed earlier this summer, and The Premier, a premium 130-inch 4K projector.

Benefits of Purchasing Samsung the Frame TV

Marriage of Art and Science

Samsung's premium lifestyle TV, art, and science collide in The Frame. It may be hung like a painting with several frame options available. It is uniquely built to be customized to better mix with home decor. The Frame has undergone several modifications, but the 2021 edition features a high-performance QLED display and a smart platform that shines in Ambient Art Mode.

Looks good on the wall

The Frame, as previously said, is designed to be accessorized. It's more straightforward straight from the box, a pudding without the sticky toffee. The uniform screen depth allows for seamless wall mounting with Samsung's Slim Fit wall mount, while the uniform matt black bezel begs to be personalized.

Connections and Tripod studio stand

A pair of widely separated slot-in feet are included with the set. If the included boots aren't stylish enough, a tripod Studio Stand is available. The One Connect box is in charge of source component connectivity. This model consists of four HDMIs (one of which is eARC compatible), a digital optical audio output, Ethernet, dual-band Wi-Fi, and a CI card slot for those territories that require it. A handful of USB ports are tucked away around the corner. You can choose between a terrestrial or satellite tuner.

A single wire connects the One Connect box to the screen, transporting power, network, sound, and picture over an 'invisible' fiber optic line. This model also has a solar-powered eco-zapper and a full-size IR remote. The remote is composed of shortcut buttons for Prime Video, Netflix, and Samsung TV Plus is included with the set.

Wide range of streaming options

Samsung The Frame TV is powered by the Tizen innovative platform, which includes a variety of streaming and catch-up TV services. The launcher bar located at the bottom of the screen, which is common and familiar to most, can be used to access these. Samsung TV Plus, the brand's IP-delivered channel bouquet, is also included with the set. You'll see an On Now rail, as well as new and trending movie content and curated series from iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV if you scroll down.

JPEG mode

Samsung has had Ambient Mode for a long time, which allows the TV to function as an information display or a JPEG gallery. It has a natural home within The Frame. There are stylized art and mood-enhancing images available; if you want to show off your artwork, you may subscribe to the complete Art Store service. It costs £3.99/US$5 a month, but you can also use the SmartThings app to upload your images.

Apple AirPlay is supported in addition to Bixby, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. Multi-View and Mobile Mirroring are two further related features that make it easier to see and share smartphone content.

Good picture and audio

Samsung's Dual LED lighting system is used in this set. For increased contrast and image depth, two-color temperatures are mixed. The smallest Frameset does not employ this LED technology; however, it is used across the remainder of the spectrum. The Frame performs well in black levels, especially in environments with minimal ambient lighting. There is no evidence of light pooling in the backlight. The set's HDR performance is outstanding, with a standard 10% measurement window and the Standard picture setting edging 700 nits. HDR, HLG, and HDR10+ are supported, but not Dolby Vision.

Dynamic, Standard, Natural, Movie, and Filmmaker Mode are among the presets. Natural is the brightest choice; however, it oversaturated skin tones and crushes blacks on this QLED. Standard is thought to be a better all-around option. There's an Intelligent Mode that adapts visuals based on ambient light and an Active voice amplifier and Adaptive sound +, all of which combat in-room ambient noise.

Samsung the Frame TV Specs

Samsung The Frame (2021): Specs

Display technology: QLED

Resolution: 3840 x 2160 4K

HDMI: x4

HDR support: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG

Tizen OS

Terrestrial and satellite tuners

Dimensions: 1237.9(w) x 708.8(h) x 24.9(d)mm

Weight: 16.6kg

While most flatscreens have a generic appearance, Samsung has leaned significantly on internal design to produce a delightfully configurable screen. With the addition of a gorgeous wooden bezel and wall mount, you'll have a TV that can pass for an art piece. The good news is that this newest Frame doesn't skimp on performance, boasting incredible color depth, razor-sharp clarity, and rich HDR. It even has top-of-the-line gaming latency. In the widescreen world, Samsung The Frame TV is a breath of fresh air.




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