Make the most of your business trip with these 6 recommendations

March 28, 2022

Today’s advancements in technology make it possible for people to stay connected no matter the time zone without being forced to travel thousands of miles. It’s, without any doubt, a good deal, but what is to be done when you can’t simply open your tablet to communicate crucial business aspects?

Well, you have to book a flight and hop on a plane. But don’t be worried – business trips can be equally fun and productive. We know what you’re thinking – corporate journeys are exhausting, stressful, and give you no time to have time. In this case, learn that it doesn’t have to be like that, not always. Although there is a lot to do when traveling for work, you can still enjoy what your destination has to offer if you prepare thoroughly and have in mind some simple aspects.

It’s worth knowing that online communication can’t always foster solid and long-lasting business relationships, that’s why corporate travel is so essential nowadays. However, all those travel arrangements can stress you and affect how your business meetings are run.

So, consider following these tips to make your business journey go smoother:

Plan your flight in advance

When planning business travel, it’s paramount to ensure you’re compliant with your company’s travel policy. It’s not like you book a flight for your next holiday trip and one for work. So, it’s helpful to have in mind what your corporation can offer, the budget, and any other aspects related to business journeys. Only then, start planning your flight. Figure out the best route, which airport is closer to the railway station, or the flight time. If your company allocates a tight budget, you don’t have to be discouraged – you can find affordable flights if you start searching in advance.

Suppose you have to travel from London to New York, it’s understandable you’re a bit scared about your overseas flight. Is it comfortable? Is it safe? Can you afford it? The answers are yes, yes, and yes. You can find cheap tickets, but try to reserve them beforehand (2 or 3 months earlier would be great). It’s not impossible to book a flight perfect for business to New York – planning ahead is the key.

Select your accommodation

Now that you’ve booked your flight, it’s time to decide on accommodation; otherwise, only half the job would be done. Choosing the perfect accommodation may be downright stressful, especially when you have more than one place where you need to arrive. In this case, try as much as possible to find a hotel close to the downtown – from there, you can take the railway, bus, or any means of transportation to arrive at your chosen destination. If you have only one meeting place to reach, things shouldn’t be too tricky – select a nearby accommodation (there are many) and ensure you can arrive there in due time.

Research your destination

Don’t you know what to expect during your stay? It’s normal, mainly if you’ve never visited that city. But just because it’s an unknown destination, it doesn’t mean you have to spend your free time in the hotel room. Make your corporate trip more enjoyable and research your destination. Find what touristic attraction it is boasting, look for top-rated restaurants and places where you can engage in different activities – your answers are only a click away. For example, if you travel to an exotic location, don’t be afraid of snorkeling – it’s an activity worth trying in a lifetime. Consider checking online reviews for places that meet your interest and find what others think about them. Sometimes, other people’s experiences can help you choose wisely, no matter the circumstances.

Consider travel insurance

Believe it or not, the unexpected happens, so better prepare than repair. Travel insurance might be the perfect solution to ensure safety during your trip. Even if you’re a corporate traveler and think nothing is going to happen to you (because, you know, meetings, hotel, and again meetings), don’t be so sure. Although such events are quite rare, you’re by no means an exception. Common travel accidents include water sports accidents, sunburn, heatstroke, traffic accidents, slipping, tripping, falling, etc., depending on the destination.

Your health coverage might come with travel insurance and, in some cases, it’s offered by your company, but if not so, don’t think twice and buy one. And don’t think about it as an extra expense but a long-term investment. Your health should be a priority, no matter where you are. Insurance companies for corporate travelers offer affordable travel coverage, so price shouldn’t be a concern.

Keep travel essentials at hand

Travel essentials include all kinds of items, from personal documents to snacks and devices. It would help if you were cautious about what you bring with you on the flight to avoid an emergency. Consider packing healthy snacks, such as fresh fruits, jerky and nuts, because they are rich in vitamins and proteins and give you energy during the flight. Devices like portable chargers and standalone Wi-Fi hotspots, and some entertainment apps should also be included in your essentials kit.

If you travel for long, it’s essential to get a good night’s rest, so don’t forget about sleep essentials. Some sleep essentials shouldn’t be neglected, from a comfortable pillow and travel blanket to noise-canceling headphones. If you have sensitivity to light, an eye mask would also be helpful. And don’t forget – you need to arrive fresh at the destination to accomplish all the tasks and attend the appointed meetings.

Don’t forget to have fun

Corporate travel doesn’t have to be only about work – you can also have fun. Don’t hesitate to visit the surroundings and enjoy the beautiful views that each destination can delight you with. Don’t be afraid to explore the place you’re traveling to because, after all, what would be life without memories? Attending business conferences is crucial, but be sure there’s plenty of time to discover and get involved in exciting activities that will only enrich your experience.

You can also stay fit during your stay since many hotels have a gym. How do you perceive all this experience – as an obligation or opportunity to expand your horizons?

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