Maxwell Drever deciphers the problem of the affordable workforce-housing crisis

March 11, 2022

Every individual deserves a safe and healthy environment to survive. They require a shelter to spend quality time with friends and family members. However, things are not that simple. Getting safe and quality lodging has emerged as a threat to the residents. Yes, you heard it right. It is because there is a short supply of affordable housing units. In addition to this, there is a growing demand for these residential units because the population is increasing drastically.

People are reluctant to purchase a property because it requires a lot of resources. As a result, they have to stay in unsafe and inadequate conditions far away from the city centers. A significant part of society, the workforce population, lacks the resources to purchase a house. Hence, they require rented properties. They cannot spend more than 30% of their income on paying rent. Thus, they need appropriate lodging that is within their affordability.

Monitor housing quality

For housing policy framers, building codes and housing inspection are vital. The issue has taken a global stance. If you go by international reports, you will see that the demand for workforce housing units has increased like never before. According to Maxwell Drevercommunities take a proactive approach to ensure quality and safe lodging.

The multifamily rental properties are the main aim. Several cities now schedule regular inspections of different properties to transform these into affordable housing units. For this, structural changes are necessary. Hence, governments have introduced various policies to ease these transformation processes.

Collaboration with owners

Collaboration with property owners and hotel owners is essential to enforce the building code. Higher authorities must focus on assisting hotel owners in repairing their properties and facilitating the transfer of hotel rooms into residential units. Since the cost of lodging in cities is always on the high, the need of the hour is a punitive approach for implementing building codes. Nonetheless, the main aim is the promotion of safe lodging with minimum resources.

According to Maxwell Drever, the existing building codes and norms must favor this repurposing process. Hence, these building codes must allow the regular updating and repair of hotel rooms to provide quality and safe lodging. Remember that local jurisdictions play a vital role.

Incentives and assistance to owners

Real estate investors and hotel owners use this opportunity to develop different plans. They are working on a proper blueprint to undertake the necessary repair and upgrade their properties. Various local programs are now offering access to resources and tax incentives. The need of the hour is a collaboration between the public and private sector to go on smoothly.

Remember that investment in safe and quality housing estates will never go vain. If you are into real estate investment or a hotel owner, you may think of repurposing your hotel rooms into residential units. Although resources are limited, every section of the community must come forward to adopt a policy for providing a safe and sound environment to the workforce population.




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