Reasons Why You Should Have Your Carpets Professionally Regularly

March 7, 2022

Many people believe that by hovering once or twice a week the carpets in your home are clean, this is not the case. Yes, you are removing surface dust and dirt but the only way to ensure your carpets are truly clean is by having professional carpet cleaners once a year or at least every eighteen months come in and do a deep clean of the dirt and grime you cannot see. If you have pets and children they will inevitably make some sort of mess to your carpets and a standard hoover cannot get to the deep carpet fibers.

You can use a shampooing agent but if used incorrectly then you may be adding to the problem, residue left in the fibers adding the chance of more dirt and dust to the carpet base. Many hardware stores will sell or rent you a better system than your average hoover, but by the time you add in the cost of cleaning solution and stain removal products, it really is not worth the money. It is better to hire a professional company to do the job right, with the right equipment. Here are some of the reasons to let the professionals get the job done.

Reasons Why if Your Not Convinced Should Help Change Your Mind

If you are still hesitant to spend the money and have your carpets cleaned by a professional service provider, here are some of the reasons you should:

  • The Quality of The Air In Your Home. Carpets attract lots of dust and allergens that can be harmful to the residents of the home. Unseen and often odorless they can irritate people with such conditions as asthma or other respiratory diseases.
  • Professional Cleaning Will Save You Money. By having regular cleaning services done the lifespan of your carpets will last a lot longer than simply hoovering once or twice a week. Carpets and the fitting are not cheap so it is best to get the most out of them before the need for replacement.
  • The removal of Stains: From time to time many carpets get stained by red wine for instance, no matter how hard you try it can be very difficult to get rid of the stain completely. A professional service has all the correct equipment and has been well trained in the removal of such stains.
  • If You Are Looking to Sell Or Lease Your Home it is Essential to Have Clean Carpets. Over time if you have not maintained your home and especially the carpets potential investors may be put off due to the cost of having to do the work themselves costing them financially and timewise.
  • Having The Correct Professional Equipment Means Less Disruption in The Home. If you do try to deep clean your carpets be aware that the drying time can be very long, whilst this is taking time to dry you cannot use the room. A specialized company has all the equipment to speed up the drying process allowing you to resume normal use of the room or rooms.

There are plenty of other reasons to have this professional service done on a regular basis, it is not something to ignore, and the longer the job is left to be done the more it will cost in the long term.

There Are Methods That Can Be Used To Clean Stains Yourself

If you search the internet there are many proven and many unproven ways in which to clean the stains out of your carpet. Many simply do not work but some can certainly help at the time of crisis. The use of white vinegar and warm water can be very useful, baking soda also can be used to clean stains from your carpet. Remember to always start from the outside of the stain and blot the stain rather than trying to rub it away, this will only make the situation worse.

If all else fails then it is time to call the professionals to remove the stain, with the correct equipment and first-hand knowledge they have gained the stain will be successfully removed for the affected area. If you do try to remove the stain yourself time is of the essence, the longer the offending liquid or dirt is there the harder it will be to clean without specialized equipment.


Maintaining your carpets and house, in general, does often require professional services, people trained with the correct equipment, knowledge, and expertise that most people do not have. Yes, it can seem expensive but in the long run, it can save you money, especially if you have to re-carpet your home due to neglect. The health implications are something that should not be ignored also, especially if you have elderly or young children in the home. Their safety is paramount and a price can not be placed on their health.


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