Seven Home Siding Styles and Trends to Beautify Your Home in 2022

March 13, 2022

Siding is key to making your home’s exterior beautiful and durable. With the massive variety of siding materials and styles available on the market in 2022, it can be difficult to pin down which choice is the best for your home’s unique needs. Thankfully, contractors can help you determine the ideal choice for your home’s aesthetic and climate-centric requirements. To assist you on your journey for finding the perfect siding for your home, here are seven home siding styles and trends to beautify your home in 2022:

1. Eco-Friendly Siding

No matter what type of siding you choose to install in 2022, one quality should be at the top of your list when making your final choice: sustainability. If you want to keep the environment stable and ensure your home can handle harsh weather patterns, finding eco-friendly, sustainable siding is crucial. There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding how weather and climate will evolve over the next decade that every homeowner is uncomfortably aware of. To help combat this uncertainty, finding a contractor that can provide you with the most sustainable, durable siding such as lp smart siding for your particular climate is crucial. As you consider other options on this list, be sure to incorporate an eco-friendly mindset into your decision-making.

2. Contrasting Siding Colors

Contrast is a key element of trendy, eye-catching design work (and this extends to your home’s siding). If you want an exterior that will become buzz-worthy in your neighborhood, finding colors for your siding that will contrast with the other design elements of your home in an aesthetically pleasant manner is highly recommended. There’s a particular trendy nature to dark and light contrasts that is beginning to shine through in home designs for 2022. If you’re looking for a simple, cost-effective siding renovation in 2022, this is one of your best options.

3. Blended Siding

Siding is often uniform throughout a home’s exterior. However, in 2022, there’s a push in fashion-forward homeowners’ circles to mix and blend siding in creative new ways. With a variety of siding types on your home, it will gain a quirky aesthetic that will immediately stand out from other homes in your area. The mixture of siding can prove costly to install depending on your choices, but the investment will allow you to own one of the most impressive, fashion-forward homes in your neighborhood. Just be sure to contact a trusted Chicago siding contractor in your area to plan out this ambitious siding replacement project, as it can become incredibly complicated to execute.

4. Steel Siding

As we mentioned earlier, eco-friendly homeowners are demanding more sustainable siding. Steel siding is one of the most accessible, budget-friendly ways to boost your home’s sustainability in 2022. There’s a modern beauty and aesthetic to steel siding that will prove incredibly attractive to homeowners as well. If you live in a harsh climate, the durability of steel siding will serve your home well, ensuring that your investment pays off in the long run (especially as the United States’ climate continues to intensify in a hard to predict manner). Steel-styled siding is particularly popular for trendy, “prefab” homes that are becoming more prevalent in the housing market.

5. Fiber-Cement Siding

The eco-friendly nature of fiber-cement siding has made its popularity skyrocket over the last decade, and 2022 is going to see this trend continue. Not only is it eco-friendly, but there is a notable affordability to fiber-cement siding that’s extremely attractive as well. The durable, long-lasting nature of the siding will help prevent homeowners from costly, frequent maintenance, making it that much more tailor-fit for homeowners looking to make useful, trendy renovations on a budget.

6. Textures are In

Siding often gets a reputation for looking uniform and bland. Fashion-forward, trendy homeowners know how to combat this, however, and textured siding is one of the most effective ways to do so. If you want a classy texture, wood trim and brick assets are especially tailor-fit to your needs. The eco-friendly nature of textured siding is also important to note and can help you feel assured that you’re making a worthwhile investment in updating your home’s siding. Pairing textured siding with the perfect window shades is another fantastic way to make your home gorgeous.

7. Autumn Red Siding

For homeowners that live in a natural environment, especially those who live in the woods, autumn red tiling is a surefire hit. The trendiness of this gorgeous shade is hard to overstate and will be certain to make your home look impressive to friends and family. The way autumn red can contrast with and compliment your home’s surrounding natural landscape will beautify your home immediately. The aesthetic intensity of your home will be greatly strengthened with this update, and the unique coloring will boost your home’s equity at the same time.

Beautiful, Durable Siding Can Serve Your Home for Decades

With the right choice in durable, gorgeous, and eco-friendly siding, you can avoid costly upkeep on your home’s exterior for decades. Talking to your contractor about which siding styles will serve your home the best is key during your journey. Thankfully, there are many amazing contractors in your area that can help you find an ideal siding style to make your home’s exterior stunning in 2022.


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