Seven Qualities to Consider When Replacing Your Roofing

March 13, 2022

Replacing and repairing your home’s roofing is one of the more complex, unique home improvement tasks you can undertake. Knowing who to hire, what materials you’ll need and much more will be key in undergoing the process successfully. With the right grit and determination, you’ll have a roof that is prepared for any weather or life event. To ensure you handle this project with confidence, here are seven key qualities to consider when replacing your roofing:

1. What Materials Are You Considering?

A wide variety of materials can be used to construct a roof, and the same goes for the replacement process. Traditional shingles are typically made using slate or asphalt, but there are an increasing number of people who are opting for metal roofs, and other eco-friendly materials. Knowing what type of materials will be used in the replacement of your roofing will help you prepare for the construction ahead, and help you keep your costs as low as humanly possible.

2. Are You Ready for the Noise?

When your roof is being replaced, you should expect things to get loud during working hours. There are many rowdy steps to replacing roofing, and the fact that workers will be on top of your home will only increase the noise levels. Noises that happen due to missing pieces of the roof can occur as well. Simply put, you must prepare to have patience during these louder, more frustrating moments of construction. If you can, having a separate space to sleep during the noisiest moments of construction is highly recommended.

3. Be Sure to Shop Around

As should be the rule with every major housing project, you should never rush into a process that’s as costly and life-changing as roof replacement. Knowing exactly what you want from your roofing, having a solid idea of your budget, and understanding what the process will involve are all essential. Ask neighbors and family members for references when looking for a contractor to handle the project, and carefully consider which service will best fit your construction and scheduling needs before making a final hire. With the right research, you’ll find roofing companies in Chicago that will be tailor-fit for your needs.

4. Quality is King

When you’re spending a lot of money on a project, it’s worth spending a little extra for quality you can trust. As with other housing renovation projects, quality is king when looking at roofing options. Finding a material that is fit for the climate you live in, and investing in a warranty policy if possible, will help you feel more assured that you’re making a solid investment. Talking through the project in detail with your contractor will keep your mind at ease, and let you know that you’re getting the highest quality roofing possible for the budget you’re going into the project with.

5. Will Roof Removal be Needed?

Not all roofing replacement and renovation projects require an actual removal of a home’s roof. If you can avoid this step, you’re able to save tons of money (which can allow you to buy even higher-quality roofing materials). Once again, consulting with your contractor about the process that will be needed to complete a project will help you feel assured about this stage of the construction. If your home does need to have its roofing replaced, you must prepare for an extra-noisy, potentially testy removal process. But once the project is all said and done, you’ll be living in comfort and style with a brand-new, high-quality roof on your home.

6. Consider Refuse Material Disposal

When a roofing project is being undertaken, the actual process of getting rid of the refuse and other materials is often not thought about by the homeowner. If you want a quality contractor, it’s important to ask them if they will be following eco-friendly guidelines to get rid of excess material and refuse. If you fail to handle this step appropriately, you could even end up with the unfortunate situation of having them leave the refuse and trash in your yard for you to clean up. Speaking of which…

7. Always Read the Paperwork Twice

Always read your contract when using a contract (and then do it a few more times)! Doing so will help you avoid situations like refuse being left in your yard, and will help you rest easy about what the process ahead of you entails. Not only this but understanding your contract like the back of your hand will help you save tons of money and time by the end of the construction project.

Quality Roofing Is Essential

Especially as the climate continues to change in drastic ways, having a quality roof is key to keeping your home safe and sound. To avoid costly repairs and upgrades down the line, investing in replacing and repairing your roofing is highly recommended, especially as we enter into the second half of 2022. You’ll experience a more comfortable living space, and boost your home equity at the same time with this worthwhile project.


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