Should You Put A Dehumidifier In Your Garage?

March 14, 2022

A dehumidifier is an air purifier of the sort that keeps balanced moisture indoors. It’s able to stimulate finer air in the garage place.

As far as garage construction goes, it doesn’t get proper ventilation, thus increasing the humidity level inside the garage. In such a situation, a dehumidifier comes into action by balancing that humidity level indoors. Doing so removes the harmful allergens from the air.

A dehumidifier helps maintain a healthier environment indoors by reducing noxious particles from the environment. A dehumidifier pulls in the air, isolates the increased humidity from the air in a container, and releases pure form air into the garage, thus, purifying the air quality indoors.

In the following portion, we’re about to discuss every aspect of knowledge you’ll need to put a dehumidifier in your garage.

Lets’ begin.

Why Do You Need A Dehumidifier In The Garage?

A garage is a concealed place, and there isn’t much room for air ventilation. As such, it’s preventing proper air circulation indoors. So it tends to get sweaty walls and floors because of the warm humidity.

The warm humidity mixed up with cold flooring produces condensation sprinkles. Thus, causing the walls and floor to swell.

A garage dehumidifier cools down the temperature indoors by removing the warm moisture in the air. It also prevents mold and rust growth inside the garage walls.

How To Identify Mold Issues In A Garage

Mold damage in your garage walls is not just a bad visual for your eye. But it can cause repressive wreckage to the wall’s foundation. Identifying a problem is a step-through to solving it.

So let’s look into the methods of identifying the mold issues on the garage walls in the segment below.

Bad Odors

Because of low air circulation inside the garage, you may recognize a foul odor indoors. It’s caused by immense humidity in the air and possibly originates mold issues in the garage walls.

Wall paints

The deteriorating rate of wall paint is another sign of having mold in the garage wall. Mainly you’ll notice the deterioration rate on the lower side of the wall’s corner. If you have to sort this out quickly, to prevent any everlasting damage to your home.

No matter how many times you change the wall paint, it’ll keep getting mold unless you change the air quality inside the garage.

Advantages Of Using A Dehumidifier In Your Garage

Nowadays, the dehumidifier is a key element for your home’s garage. How can you decide to buy one for your garage? Without knowing the benefits it holds.

Keeping it in mind, we have brought you a list that contains the advantages of using a dehumidifier in your garage.

Keeps The Garage Cool

You must know by now the essential purpose of using a dehumidifier is to keep an even temperature in a concealed place like your garage. Also, the garage places tend to get warm inside due to low air circulation. So, the dehumidifier helps to keep your garage place cool and even-tempered.

Prevents Mold Growth

If your garage place has an excessive level of humidity, it can cause the indoor walls to be damp. Molds tend to grow in a damp place. As we all know garage place doesn't have many windows like other rooms in your house.

So, proper ventilation is not feasible. And without ventilation, molds and fungus are bound to grow on the wall. In this case, the dehumidifier gets to work towards fixing it. It prevents the garage wall from getting damp and helps to retain its original structure.

Provides Better Air Quality Indoors

Have you ever felt stuffy while working on your car inside the garage? That's because of the increased humidity level in your garage. It’s unworkable in a stuffy garage. Install a dehumidifier in your garage and see the magic happen right in front of your eyes.

With it, you won’t feel stuffy inside a garage because it helps to improve air quality by removing the excess moisture from the air. Thus provides clean, breathable air inside your garage.

Protects Walls And Floor

The dehumidifier helps to protect your garage's internal structures. As you know, on a rainy day or winter season, your car tends to get wet, and from that wet vehicle, water starts to drip on your garage floor.

And the floor can’t dry as there isn’t any proper ventilation inside a garage. Thus, your garage’s walls and floors dampen and causing it to sustain unrestorable damage on the walls.

By putting a dehumidifier on your garage, you can prevent the floors and walls from staying wet, thus providing complete protection for it.

Smart Features

In the newer models of dehumidifiers, the manufacturers added various intelligent features like energy efficiency, low power consumption, auto humidity detection, etc.

A dehumidifier can detect excessive moisture indoors and automatically purify the air quality.

Where To Place A Dehumidifier For A Garage

The place you put the dehumidifier matters a lot because a proper position amplifies the effectiveness of the purification process.

We suggest you should keep the dehumidifier far from the indoor garage walls. It provides a better service by absorbing the moisture from the damp walls. Putting the device in a central position will maximize the useability of the dehumidifier.

A Guide To Get The Right Dehumidifier

We know you have the basic idea about selecting a dehumidifier for the garage. We’re just here to amplify your existing knowledge by sharing a helpful guide to choosing the right dehumidifier.

Before we start, you should know there are two types of dehumidifiers. Such as:

  • Portable dehumidifier. ( you can move it any time to any place.)
  • Stationary dehumidifier. ( you have to put it in a fixed place)

Now, let's help you find the right dehumidifier for your garage. Shall we?

Size/ Space

When you’re buying a dehumidifier, always try to keep the garage space in mind; otherwise, it won’t fit. If your garage is small and doesn’t have much area to spare, you should go for a compact dehumidifier. It won’t take much of your garage place.

Water Capacity

How much water a dehumidifier can absorb is essential. Before buying one, check the humidity or moisture level in your garage. You can use a hygrometer or any other humidity measurement device you got. Then depending on the moisture level in your garage, buy the dehumidifier.

Built-In Features

As mentioned in the above segment, the newer dehumidifier model has intelligent features. One, in particular, is the auto-restart feature. Whenever you face a power outage, the dehumidifier will automatically restart itself. This feature will definitely come in handy whenever you’re not home.

Energy Star Rating

The newer model of dehumidifier comes with an energy-saving feature too. It can save up to 30 percent more energy than the older models. However, this dehumidifier will be a bit expensive but will be beneficial in the long run.

Noise Level

It’s true a dehumidifier will make noise while purifying. The level of noise it makes separates the good ones from the bad. It means while choosing a dehumidifier for the garage place, check out the noise level of the device because the dehumidifier won’t make a loud noise if the quality is good.

Final Words

We believe our above discussion was helpful for making up your mind. As you can see in the above discussion, this air purification device has numerous implementations for your garage place.

If you have a high humidity level in your garage, you definitely should put one indoors right away. It doesn’t just help your overall health. Also, it protects the essential tools inside the garage.

So, get one now and enjoy working in a much purer garage place.


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