Simple Ways to Boost the Appearance of Your Home

March 8, 2022

Home improvements are a necessary aspect of bumping up your home's visual appeal. People wish to change the appearance of their homes for a number of reasons; you may have grown bored with the current look and wish to make a change, or you are a new homeowner, and the decoration made by the previous owners isn't to your taste.

You could also be looking to sell and want to make your house look more appealing to potential buyers. Below are some simple yet effective ways to boost the appearance of your home.

Power Washing

Most people usually don't realise how grimy the exteriors of their homes are until they clean them. Luckily, power washing is a great way to remove all the dirt and have the exterior of your home looking great. You can simply hire someone to do it for you, or if you're looking to save on costs, you can rent or borrow a power washer from a neighbour and do it yourself.

Areas of the home that should be power washed regularly include; the roof, the deck, the home siding, the driveway, stone stairs, sidewalks, cement porches and the exterior walls of the home.

Consider Repainting the Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

This is especially important if your house is old. Dated and peeling cabinet colours can dampen the overall appearance of your kitchen and bathroom. So, you might want to consider investing a little money in having them repainted. While you are at it, you can throw in some stylish handles and knobs to complete the look.

Rethink Your Windows and Doors

The style of your windows and doors are some of the first things people will notice about your home's exterior, so why not opt for the best. uPVC windows and doors are very popular amongst homeowners and designers and this is because they are durable, easy to maintain and economically friendly.

Although these uPVC windows and doors typically come in white or black, their colours can be changed by uPVC paint spraying. PBM Paints offer professional uPVC spray painting services for all your uPVC doors and windows in any colours you want.

Update Your Lighting

By updating your lighting and light fixtures, you can easily transform the appearance of your home to a trendier, more refreshed look. An added advantage is that, unlike with a complete home renovation, updating the lighting of your home makes a huge impact on your interior design without a major dent in your wallet. Some ways you can improve your lighting include;

  • Switching to energy-saving LED lights.
  • Recessed lighting – otherwise referred to as canister lights which looks great and provides a more even spread of lighting. It is a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms and low ceilings.
  • Chandelier lighting - apart from being large fixtures dripping in crystals and hanging over a dining room table, chandelier lighting has other uses such as serving as an eye-catching focal point that instantly adds style to your entryway or living room.


It is important to clean up the landscaping around your home. Usually, without regular attention, your landscaping can look rough and overrun with hanging tree branches and bushes that are too big. Trimming the bushes, branches and clearing out fallen dead leaves can improve the overall appeal of your home.


Boosting the appearance of your home doesn't always mean a total makeover. Power washing, uPVC paint spraying, landscaping, updated lighting, and repainting are some of the simple and cost-effective ways you can use to improve the appearance of your home.


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