The Top Benefits of Real Estate Video Editing

March 23, 2022

When you’re trying to sell your home, video can be a powerful way to convince people to buy, especially in this digital age of short attention spans and shortened attention spans that have been trained by video. Professionally edited videos by companies like can help you put your best foot forward when it comes to presenting your house online, whether you’re showing a buyer the first time they walk through or you’re putting together an online tour to show off later down the line. Here are the top five benefits of real estate video editing that sellers should consider.

1. Video editing increases search engine ranking

Search engines are becoming much more adept at understanding and interpreting video. In fact, Google recently released a study showing that videos actually rank better in searches when they include captions. Videos with captions have seen click-through rates 400% higher than videos without them. So adding some aspect of editing to your video content is not only easier for you and your audience, but it’s also going to help search engines crawl your content for keyword relevance.

2. Edited videos are easier to distribute

When marketing your real estate property through videos, you have to consider that it is hard to reach viewers who don’t know about your brand. On average, video content gets watched for only three minutes on most social media channels. But thanks to HD video editing, you can compress a 30-minute video down into less than two minutes so it’s easier for viewers to get more information about what you are selling. This also makes it easier for other people to share and distribute your videos, increasing traffic and generating leads. If a viewer watches just one minute of your video and likes what they see, they’re likely to click on an accompanying link at the end or share it with their network. The result? More visitors to your website and more traffic to view properties when they become available!

3. People remember what they see more than what they read

When your real estate video comes out clearly in the sight of the viewer, there is a higher chance that they will remember your brand and call you when they need a property. Potential clients are likely to forget a name or an offer but stay in touch with you if they have seen and liked your product. Research by John Hopkins University’s Zanberg School of Psychology suggests that 80% of what we learn is visual while only 20% stems from reading. That being said, there is no doubt that videos, particularly professionally edited videos, are more effective than pictures when it comes to marketing. Professionally filmed and edited videos will help you present your brand, display your brokerage and business culture as well as help the agents with their personal branding. Video marketing companies offering brand and product video services can help you show the exact vision a client would have of working with you.

4. Editing videos results in an aspect of differentiation

Even if you post original property videos on YouTube or another site, there’s no guarantee anyone will see it. There are so many real estate videos posted every day—all competing for views—that getting noticed is increasingly difficult. And that’s especially true with longer videos because chances are most people won’t watch them all the way through. That means that your opportunity to make an impression diminishes as your video length increases; at some point, it just gets too long and nobody has time to sit through it all! But editing allows you to cut out unnecessary parts, leaving only what’s important and interesting to potential buyers. Not only does cutting down your content give viewers less reason to hit skip ad, but

it also helps keep your message concise, which is much more likely to catch attention than a 15-minute rant.


Real estate video editing is a cost-effective way to market your listings online. By creating a professional real estate video, you’re helping more people visualize what it would be like to live in that home and helping them feel confident they can trust you with their biggest financial decision. In turn, that puts you in a better position to make more sales. Not bad for an inexpensive marketing strategy! If you have to need a helping hand in editing your real estate video, you might want to consider a company like to do the work and deliver results on your behalf.



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