Things to Know about Gutter Cleaning in Perth

March 30, 2022

A gutter is a long shallow pipe attached to the roof’s edge to drain the rainwater and prevent it from entering your property. Water leakage into your property could compromise its structural strength and integrity, weakening it from within and causing mould to form in your home. Gutter overflows are particularly common in Perth, as the city receives more rainfall than Melbourne, Hobart and other cities. Along with most southwest regions of Western Australia, Perth also gets heavy storms, causing gutters to overflow. Unless you hire professional services for gutter cleaning Perth, you might face various problems, including those mentioned above. Even though you could try to clean the gutter by yourself, you might get injured or spend money that you could have saved. What are the other benefits of hiring gutter cleaners, and why should you give it the utmost attention? Continue reading to find that out.

What Are the Reasons behind Clogged Gutters?

As mentioned above, rainfall is one of the reasons behind the clogged gutters in Perth since the city receives plenty of rainfall between June to August, which measures about 740.0 millimetres per year. However, rain isn’t the only reason behind the blockage. The falling leaves from the trees during Autumn is another reason. Autumn in Perth begins in March and ends in May, during which it’s common for twigs and leaves from trees to fall and make their way into the gutters. The longer the leaves are stuck there, the more are the chances of mould formation besides stopping the release of water during the rainy season. Even though snow is also a reason behind the blockage, Perth has never witnessed any snowfall during the winters. However, areas in the Perth Hills like Roleystone, Kalamunda and Mundaring do receive some snowfall.

Reasons to Hire Professional Gutter Cleaners

Hiring a professional gutter cleaner in Perth is the most effective way of ensuring your gutter is free from any blockage, and these are some of the reasons behind that.

They Perform the Job Safely

Since gutters are located right at the top of a building, you might injure yourself trying to access them with your ladder or any other object. Despite watching several DIY videos online, you will never possess the expertise of the professionals. According to statistics in Western Australia (Perth is its capital), around 28% of hospital treatments and 16% of emergency visits are because of slipping and falling. Falls are also the reason behind 15% of total injury fatalities.

Professional Cleaners Have the Required Equipment

You cannot clean the blocked drainage system on your roof unless you have the necessary tools. Professionals carry all the tools and equipment like leaf blower attachments, scoop, puncture-resistant work gloves, ladder stabiliser, claw, vacuum, blower, gutter guard and pressure washer. These items are indispensable for resolving the blockage issue.

You Will Save Your Time

Gutter cleaning requires a significant investment of time and energy, and you might be unable to give it the attention it needs because of work, domestic and other priorities. If the structure has minor damages, fixing that will require additional time. Professionals have the time and energy to resolve the issue efficiently and quickly.

Extremely Cost-effective

Hiring cleaning specialists are also more cost-effective than buying a set of DIY tools which might not provide you with the intended results. For example, a pressure vacuum would cost you anywhere between 989 AUD$ to 4,500 AUD$ in Perth, with high-grade vacuums costing even more. In contrast, hiring a gutter cleaning service in Perth will cost you between 150 AUD$ to 550 AUD$. However, the specific price will depend on the roof’s accessibility, the extent of blockage, and the type of equipment used.

How to Prepare for Gutter Cleaning?

Before or on the cleaning day, you must declutter your yard and remove any objects like toys and lawn furniture to enable the cleaners to place their ladders comfortably. It would help if you also switched on your water fixtures to allow the efficient flushing of the gutters and close all doors and windows to prevent the water from entering your home.

Best Way to Find the Gutter Cleaners

It is advisable to search for a gutter cleaning service using an e-commerce solution website that provides you with a list of all the top cleaners in Perth. Before booking, you can read the views, customer testimonials, rough cost estimates, address, contact details, and all other information you need. Such sites also contain the number of stars awarded to a particular service by their customers and is a reliable way of estimating their service standards.

These are some things related to professional gutter cleaning in Perth you ought to be aware of since ignoring or delaying the problem could weaken your home’s structure. The cleaning experts will ensure your gutter is free of leaves, dirt, and debris.





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