Tips on How to Style Your Dining Table

March 23, 2022


Whether you have a dedicated dining room or a small two-person table in your kitchen nook, your eating area is probably a pretty important part of your living space. Giving it a little design can help you get the most from your space and ensure you’re ready to entertain next time unexpected friends or family drop round for a bite.

So, let’s get straight into it and talk about the tips for styling your dining table at home.

Mismatched chairs

Aside from the table itself, your chairs are probably the most important feature of your dining area. While matching chairs can look sleek and stylish, opting for mismatched seating is a great way to add interest to your dining area. Less formal than standard dining chair sets, mismatched seating will give your dining area a more boho feel and help you stamp your personality on your space.

If you decide to go for a mismatched look, try to choose chairs that have a similar style. For example, select seats that all have a mid-century modern look or opt for upholstered chairs for a slightly softer aesthetic. You could also use chairs made from the same type of wood, or chairs painted the same colour, to create your eclectic eating area.

Go green

If there’s one quick, easy and affordable way to style to your dining table, it’s with plants. Well-chosen plants will add greenery and visual interest to your dining table and make the space feel more homely and more welcoming. Choose accent vases for your plants and turn your greenery into a real feature.

If you like your plants big and bold, place a large vase filled with greenery right in the middle of the table. Alternatively – if you don’t want to peer through foliage when talking to friends and family - place a few smaller pots along the length of your table.

Shine some light on it

Low hanging ceiling lights can look really good when placed over a dining table. During the day, these pendulum lights help to define your eating area while at night they’ll create a cosy, intimate atmosphere and give your dining table a truly fantastic feel.

Match the colour of your low hanging ceiling lights to other prominent features in your dining rooms decoration. So, if you’ve chosen orange, green, blue, yellow or another strong tone as an accent colour, echo it in your illumination.


Another great option for your dining room seating is a dining bench. You can have benches on both sides of your table or place a dining bench on one side and have chairs on the other.

Not only can both options look great, they’re also space saving. Benches can be tucked neatly under your dining table to free up floor space and brought out when needed. They’re also a little more flexible than standard seating as you can squeeze people on and fit more guests around your table. So, if you’re looking to style a dining table in a cosy, bijoux kitchen, benches are the perfect choice.

Place settings

If you have people coming round for a meal – or if you just like to be prepared for unexpected guests – you’ll probably want to style your dining table with a few place settings.

Well-chosen mats can add colour and personality to your table. Use tones and patterns that complement other features in the room. This will help to tie your interior together and make the space feel more ‘designed’. Alternatively, opt for place mats in neutral colours and styles and let your dining table speak for itself.

Dressing your table with crockery, wine glasses and cutlery will help to make your guests feel welcome and your table look ready. If you want to add even more colour to your dining area, use wine glasses, plates and napkins in bright, bold tones. A riot of colour can help your table to look more inviting and give your living space a modern, eclectic appearance.

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Tablecloths and runners

A classic way to style your dining table, tablecloths and runners can be used to add colour and character to your eating area as well as to protect the surface of your dining table. One of the great things about tablecloths and runners is that they’re affordable and easy to replace. This means you can change up the look of your dining table whenever you want to.

You can leave a runner on your table even when it’s not in use. Place plants or candles along the length of the runner to create a central feature on your dining table. As the runner won’t take up the entire surface of the table, it won’t interfere with breakfasts, snacks, homework and other everyday activities. It also shouldn’t need to be washed as often as a full tablecloth. If you do decide to go for a full tablecloth, you’ll probably need to clean it after every meal to keep it looking fresh and stain-free.

Giving your dining table a little love is a fantastic way to spruce up your eating area and bring every part of your home alive. To find out more about our beautifully made dining room sets, and get more interior design inspiration, take a look around today.



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