Tips to Become Good Real Estate Marketer in 2022

March 9, 2022


Real estate is a volatile industry that keeps marketers on their toes. Subsequently, one can say that real estate marketers need to work around the clock to stay afloat in real estate marketing.

What worked in the previous quarter or the previous year might not work in 2022? However, there are ample ways to become an excellent real estate marketer in 2022.

Here we’ve dug in and found 5 tips to become an excellent real estate marketer in 2022. Let’s dive in.

  • Run polls, and Q&As on Instagram

Social media is one of the best-employed ways to reach potential customers. But nowadays, not every platform can give results and traction like before.

Now, what should you do next?

Time to change your social media marketing plan and get started with other platforms. Then what could be the next?

Indeed, Instagram has become the hotspot to expand your social media presence that too within the real estate market. Hence, using Instagram for building engagement via polls and Q&As is the best medium to increase audience online. For example: if you use polls, you can ask if you are looking for lots for sale in Halton hills. Or you can ask preference via Q&A about Mississauga homes for sale.


  • Pick up the phone and call.

How many times have you thought to call your previous client to have a check on them?

Quite often?

Then what stopped you? Got caught in the work. Don’t worry; pick up your phone right now, call your clients, and ask them how they are doing.

You don’t know they might help you in generating leads and referrals!

Word of mouth is an essential critical aspect of any marketing strategy. You never know what wonders it will do for your business. If you keep up with this habit, you will get more clients only because you stay in touch with them.


  • Bid farewell with a parting gift

Buying a property is not an easy task that often builds a strong relationship between buyers and realtors. The process starts right from the first meeting until the closing time.

The process is similar to getting on a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs. This turns out to be a bittersweet experience filled with memories of a lifetime.

Hence, bid farewell with a unique parting gift to make this memorable. This small token will make a special place in their lives, and remember you for a lifetime.


  • Use a chatbot feature on your website.

Who answers prospective queries in your absence?

No one.

Don’t you think this is impacting your business?

Well, allow us to answer for you. When queries of prospective buyers are not addressed, it irritates them, and hence you lose business.

To deal with such a situation, one must use chatbots to answer your prospect in your absence. Chatbots have become a preconditioned part of the website. They are convenient to use and enable a user for a one-to-one conversation with the bots.

When you incorporate chatbot features on your website equipped with live answering services instant email responses, it collects more information about your clients. In this way, your data remains protected with you.


  • Talk to influencers in the niche.

Influencers have changed the dynamics of the marketing process. Even if you are a real estate agent, you can’t afford to ignore influencer marketing.

Nowadays, influencers have invested a lot of time expanding their large social media following. You can work and partner with them and use their audience for advertising your services.



Real estate marketers must keep looking forward and embrace new tips and tactics. Because when prospects knock at your door with a query of lots for sale in Halton Hills, you would want to help them in your best capacity. That’s why employing above mentioned tips becomes more significant in helping you gain a competitive edge and see how your business flourish.




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