Top 8 Ideas for Affordable Christmas Displays

March 15, 2022

It's that time of the year again! Christmas is just around the corner, and the festive spirit is in the air. You're all pumped up and ready to get your house, shop, or business decked up and ready for the festive season.

Are you looking to get creative with your Christmas displays this year? If yes, then we have a little something for you. We have put together a list of the top 8 ideas you can take inspiration from while setting up your Christmas display. And the best part? They're all super affordable!

So, before you get decorating, give our post a read. You’ll be glad that you did.

8 Ways to Create Affordable and Stunning Christmas Displays

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

A Christmas Tree with a Twist

Give your Christmas display a celebratory twist by featuring a ceramic Christmas tree in your house. Ceramic trees have been around for quite some time now, and their good old, vintage zing can add something special to your celebrations.

They come in a range of exciting colours and designs, including the classic all-green and all-white combinations. Online retailers have picked up on this trend, and they offer a range of ceramic Christmas trees to choose from.

Place a ceramic Christmas tree in your shop window or in your living room, and get ready to celebrate a nostalgic Christmas. Alternatively, if you want a traditional tree but can’t afford to buy one, you can hire a tree from a company like phs greenleaf.

Sparkling Lights

Spread the festive mood right from your doorstep. You can decorate the front door of your house or deck your shop's Christmas display with a set of carefully chosen lights.

Pick outdoor Christmas lights to complement the colour of your door. For example, if your door is painted green, pair it with golden or blue lights. If you are in the mood to get creative, you can also opt for star-shaped and snowflake-shaped lights. From mini string lights and net lights to battery-operated lights – the choices are endless!

Wreaths All the Way

There can be no Christmas display without a wreath. And with wreaths, there's no limit to experimentation! If you like keeping things simple, a traditional wreath with a red bow should do the trick. To jazz it up further, you can throw on a couple of gold bells.

If you'd like to make a wreath of your own, pick up a few sheets of green paper, some glue, and maybe a touch of glitter, and you're good to go. You can also make wreaths out of recycled bits of cloth and old photos. Hang a wreath on your door or shop entrance and bring some Christmas cheer to the street.

Let Stockings Do All the Talking

Is it even Christmas without stockings? Stockings are very affordable to buy and easy make yourself. For starters, you can cut up your old clothes, sew the pieces of fabric together, and come up with brand new stockings. Or, you can also give your plain stockings a makeover with a bit of DIY. With creative stockings, everyone will be more excited about them than the gifts they contain.

Add an Advent Calendar

An Advent Calendar is an easy and affordable Christmas display idea. You can make an advent calendar out of just about anything, like old cardboard boxes, paper cups and plates, old pieces of fabric, and even toilet rolls!

To make it all the more exciting, you can decorate your Advent Calendar with illustrations and gifts. You can’t go wrong with this addition to your home or shop Christmas display.

Lanterns Reimagined

This Christmas, use your lanterns for a different purpose. Instead of using them as lights, you can remove the power source and fill the lantern with other objects, like colourful candy, pine cones, Christmas ribbons, and stars. Your reimagined lanterns can easily become the star attractions of your home or shop Christmas display.

Snowmen and Reindeer

Make DIY snowmen and Santa’s reindeer a part of your Christmas display. They are both very easy to make. It takes nothing more than white wool, cotton, coloured felt, and buttons to make snowmen, and you can fashion reindeer out of pieces of cardboard and wood and a few twigs.

All the materials you’ll need for this project are readily available. Let your hand-crafted snowmen and reindeer sing the praises of your DIY skills.

Decorate Your Outdoors

Does your home have a porch? Or do you have some extra space outside your store? Make the best use of it!

You can deck out your porch with all things that scream Christmas, like a pile of firewood, lanterns, stars, and pine cones. You can also have snowflakes and candy sticks hanging from the roof for the full effect. Turn your outdoor area into a winter village, and make it a memorable Christmas for everyone.

It’s a Wrap!

All of the ideas on our list are simple, creative, affordable, and amazing; all rolled into one. If you feel like it, you can go the extra mile and combine two or three ideas to create a truly cracking Christmas display. Have fun decorating with trees, lights, reindeers, snowmen, wreaths, and more!


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