Transitioning To Apartment Living? Here's 4 Things To Expect

March 25, 2022

Transitioning from living in a house to an apartment is no simple decision. It’s a big one and you must expect lots of changes, especially to your lifestyle. You may be transitioning to apartment living for several reasons. It may simply be because you’re moving out of your parents’ home to gain independence or you’re hoping to save more money.

With that said, there are several benefits for moving to an apartment. For starters, you could have access to luxury apartment floor plans for more amenities like a gym, a pool, and a park. Additionally, luxury apartments generally have their security and maintenance personnel. You may also live much closer to your work resulting in a shorter commute.

Since transitioning to apartment living is a big decision to make, resulting in several lifestyle changes, you may want to know what to expect. By knowing these, you’ll know if apartment living is for you. You’ll also know how to prepare for living in a smaller space and adjust. As such, here are 6 things to expect and consider when you move from living in a home to living in an apartment:

1. Having Smaller Storage

Since apartments are normally smaller compared to your home, consequently, storage for apartments is also smaller. You may have a room or two, as well as an attic, in your house to keep goods that aren’t often utilized or are no longer needed. When you move into an apartment, though, you will no longer have this privilege. Examples of these items are seasonal decorations and appliances.

To better deal with this, consider borrowing items as much as possible instead of as you won’t have to spend storage space on them. Another solution to this is renting a separate storage space. There are spaces available that provide additional storage for apartments.

2. Embracing The Reduced Space

As mentioned, living in an apartment result in less space altogether. As such, you must be strategic about your shopping decisions and your interior design. You should expect to live a minimalist lifestyle, where you’ll have to continuously remind yourself to just buy and keep the items you need.

This might apply to the clothes you own as well as the equipment you own. To make it easier to adjust, consider outfits that can be worn with most of your other items. Predictably, you’ll be wearing the same clothing more frequently.

Then when it comes to your furniture, you may find yourself appreciating multipurpose and space-saving options more now. For example, you can find a sofa that can be converted into a bed. You can also find tables that can either be folded or have additional storage space. Moreover, for smaller apartments, your living room may also function as a dining room whereas your living room’s center table can become a dining table.

3. Lesser Privacy

When you live in an apartment, the only thing that separates you from your neighbors is a wall, not a tiny yard. Loud noises will be heard by them and you, especially if your apartment’s wall is thin.

Construction work, for example, must be arranged while the sun is up, even if it is as basic as drilling. This is because your neighbors will be able to hear you, so it’s better to do it when they’re awake. Some flats have rules prohibiting you from drilling or using a hammer during specific hours.

Additionally, you may run into one of your neighbors as soon as you leave your apartment. When you utilize the facilities, such as the pool or the gym, keep in mind that you’ll be sharing it with them. On the other hand, if you love meeting new people, this might be beneficial to you in certain ways.

4. The Availability Of A Parking Space

When you move into an apartment, your unit number may already have a parking spot allotted to you. This might be advantageous because you won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot for your automobile. However, some flats do not have any parking spaces or have extremely restricted parking. If you own a car, you must take this into account while selecting an apartment complex.


It’s not unusual to transition from living in a home to living in an apartment. You, like others, may have your reasons for wanting to live in an apartment, as well as the advantages of doing so. It is, nevertheless, a major decision to make, one that will have a significant influence on your way of life. And if you’re unprepared, it’ll be an inconvenience for you.

As such, it’s important to know about the aspects that specifically come with living in an apartment, especially when you’ve grown accustomed to living in a house. Hopefully, the list above has helped you either consider if apartment living is for you or prepare for apartment living.


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One comment on “Transitioning To Apartment Living? Here's 4 Things To Expect”

  1. Having small storage was something I really appreciate you talking about in this article. I feel like preparing for this could make the most impact in how successful my new life would be. I'll make sure that I find ways to work around this problem when I rent out an apartment in the area for me to live in.

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