Redefining Co-Living Space Design

March 30, 2022

Much like co-working, co-living is becoming a popular lifestyle choice for Millennials and Generation Z. While the first thought one might have about co-living is a bunch of roommates piled into a small apartment in an undesirable location or fights over who bought the last roll of toilet paper—  redefining this category by creating beautifully designed spaces with smart amenities in convenient locations.

One factor that has made it so successful is the company’s approach to designing co-living apartments, which differs from standard apartments. The functionality of these spaces not only supports the lifestyle but creates happy tenants and builds community.

The brand’s design goal is to provide all the functions of a traditional apartment while taking into account the additional storage space needs, common space needs, and most importantly, privacy needs for larger groups.

“This new way of co-living is different from a standard apartment in the sense that it allows for sharing of spaces among strangers who will eventually become friends,” says the design team. “Continuously learning from our current and past tenants, we extracted attractive elements from traditional homes, apartments, and group housing and incorporated those into our designs. With affordability in mind, we make sure every square foot is utilized and minimize waste space seen in common apartments.”


They place public spaces on the ground floor and private spaces, such as bedrooms, on higher floors. This separation between spaces helps maintain privacy within a co-living building. It also allows more foot traffic to common spaces, such as community rooms, gyms, and study lounges, since they are located near the entrances of the buildings. This also makes co-living a more elevated and luxurious experience.

More Is More

Triipalink’s newest co-living buildings with larger units feature multiple appliances including refrigerators, washers, and dryers. This is because one of the major pain points that can occur with a co-living lifestyle is sharing things like appliances. Not just who gets to use the washing machine at 3:00 pm on Sunday or the stove at 7:00 pm on Tuesday— but by having multiple appliances in many of their units— it prevents roommate conflict, ultimately creating a happier and more desirable environment for tenants.

Furnishing Co-Living Spaces

While furnished apartments are nothing new, furnishing co-living spaces is different from standard apartments.

The designers opt for neutral colors for the interiors with accents of red, gray, and white hues. “Our goal is to keep a minimalistic design for the furniture and interior so that our residents have the ability to personalize their spaces.”

The goal is to make tenants feel at home.

The furniture is commercial grade, making it more durable for both the public and private spaces in each unit and throughout the building. This prevents wear and tear as well as avoids frequent repairs and maintenance.

Tenant Feedback Is Essential

“We often look to our past projects to see what has been successful and well-received by past residents. Our goal is to create a modern living space that is comfortable and homey for our residents. Additionally, it is critical to choose furniture that's durable and timeless, that can withstand constant use by our residents.”

The Future Of Co-Living

“After the pandemic, the home’s role in society has shifted from a place solely to sleep and relax to a place where everything and anything could be done. Co-living shows that you do not need to live alone to be independent but rather acknowledges the benefits of connecting with others at all times of the day. Co-living allows for optimal productivity and growth amongst a community of hardworking young professionals, something which those isolating in private living spaces are unable to experience.”


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