Unique Places in Your Home to Hang the TV

March 22, 2022

Television sets of yesterday were big and bulky, which kind of limited placement options. Sure, you could use things like an entertainment center or a larger armoire. Still, you were largely relegated to a stand or the floor for really big TVs. Today, evolving along with cable TV service, TVs are much slimmer and lighter, which makes it much easier to hang a TV in more creative ways. If you're on the hunt for unique places to hang your slim, sleek television in your home and enjoy live sports, movies, and shows, read on for our suggestions.

Behind Artwork

When not in use, older TV sets were simply just sitting there in plain sight, but now you can hide your slimmer set behind artwork. Simply use bi-fold doors to conceal your TV once it's up on the wall. You can then place any paintings or framed art you wish to display when your set is not in use. We think Picasso would approve.

Underneath a Retractable Map

If you have a preference for a retro vibe with a modern twist, consider hanging your TV below an old school retractable map – which you can find from sources like eBay. Put the map and its hardware above where the TV is located after you have it mounted. Once everything is set up, just pull the map down when you want to conceal your TV.

Related Tip: You can also use this same concept to mount a retractable screen with a scenic picture on the front – think "Back to the Future, Part 2."

In a Cozy, Comfy Bathroom

When you put a lot of time, money, and effort into a bathroom makeover, it's understandable to want it a perfect place to relax and unwind. If your idea of relaxing involves watching a favorite movie or TV show or some streaming content on a smart TV, consider hanging your TV in your bathroom. Just be sure to fish the cords through the wall so they're not exposed to moisture.

Below a Hinged Top or Shelf

Impress your friends and houseguests by hanging your TV under a hinged shelf that doubles as a coffee table when not raised. You can do the same thing with a hinged shelf that looks like the top of a toy chest or storage chest. Be mindful of how you set things up with the cords by allowing enough space for when the part with the TV is down and closed.

Within a Frame

Instead of concealing your TV after it's hung up, why not make it a focal point in your living space? If this idea appeals to you, consider placing a frame around your TV. One option is to attach the frame to wall-mounted pipes – which also gives you a chance to embrace the pipes-as-furniture craze.

On a 'Feature Wall'

A "feature wall" is kind of like an accent wall in that it's dedicated to a certain purpose. In this case, it's specifically for your spiffy new TV set. It's an appealing option since it eliminates the need to figure out how to hide cords on a traditional lathe and plaster or brick wall. A feature wall for your TV can come in many forms, with possibilities including:

• An extended faux wall that gives you extra space to hide cords
• Recycled pallets
• Rustic, weathered barnboards

Concealed in a Footboard in Your Bedroom

There's a long-standing debate about whether or not a TV even belongs in a bedroom at all. Nonetheless, this is a common place to have a TV. What you can do, however, if you really want to have a TV in your bedroom in a way that's not too distracting is to "hang" or mount it in a specially designed footboard. You can even set it up so your TV can be lowered and elevated with a remote control for added convenience.

Perched in Your Kitchen

Putting a TV in the kitchen isn't a new concept. In fact, it was trendy back in the '80s to hang small TVs under counters or cupboards or place them right on the counter. You can do something similar with bigger slim and light TVs. Possibilities include doing a corner wall mount so your TV is visible anywhere in the kitchen. Another option is to place it on top of a table stand with drawers in the base to store your favorite recipes or some often-used kitchen gadgets.

In Your Outdoor Living Spaces

If you have some exterior spots you use to extend your living spaces outdoors, a TV hung in these areas can be very much appreciated. For instance, you might hang your TV in an outdoor kitchen/dining area. You can also place one in an enclosed patio or over by a backyard pool spot.


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