Using a Combination of Traditional and Digital Approaches in Architectural Marketing

March 1, 2022

When it comes to marketing, businesses have a lot of options to choose from. From radio and TV ads to billboards on the sides of highways, marketing has changed some since the 1950's. In this article we will look at how digital marketing has taken hold as new technologies have been developed over time, and what architects need to know about each type of advertising in order to market their offerings more effectively today.

The Evolution of Marketing

"If you don't advertise, you will go out of business" - This is a quote that was made by Harry Scherman back in 1926 during one of his lectures given to salesmen at Procter & Gamble. With this quote he started a revolution in advertising - no longer would companies be able fully rely upon word-of-mouth and a small marketing campaign from traveling salesmen. The 1920's saw growth in radio ads, billboards, and eventually the first television commercial.

As time went on, marketing evolved. In the 1970s companies started advertising with print media more often as magazines began to become popular as a way for marketers to connect with their audience on a personal level. This shift of focus has been so significant that more people would rather read print media than watch television or go online. Magazines have had a large influence upon society through the decades , helping us change the way we see ourselves and how we view our world around us.

Marketing in Today's Architectural Business Environment

Today businesses are using a variety of digital mediums to get their product out there where people can find it. With the introduction of the internet, companies big and small have to try their best to maintain a strong online presence. This means that consumers are now able to spend more time looking at how businesses market themselves than ever before. With digital communication, marketing has become more prevalent than ever, with every business needing to look for innovative ways to attract potential customers .

Marketing your services online requires maintaining an efficient website that will work hard for you 24/7 if need be. There are several places that companies can go these days in order to get connected with their audience through social media, allowing them access into the lives of potential buyers all around the world. Virtual reality within real estate is becoming more and more common. Search engine optimization is also an important part of selling your product online as well, ensuring people interested in what you are selling can find it when they look.

Traditional marketing has not completely disappeared, however; it's still very much in use in many businesses today. From print ads in magazines and newspapers to billboards on the sides of highways, traditional advertising is still alive and well. These days companies like Yellow Pages make up a majority of their business through their phonebook (which comes out every year or two), while smartnumbers are another example. Television commercials continue to be broadcast all over the airwaves, and radio ads are also an effective way to get your message across if done correctly, allowing you to connect with listeners whenever they turn on the radio so long as your ad is being played at that moment. For real estate agents, having a strong online presence through a well-designed website is crucial. Check out Property Stream's guide on creating effective estate agent websites at

So, what does this mean for marketers?

Should we lean more towards one side of the spectrum over another?

As a stakeholder of an architecture firm, it's important to understand that both traditional and modern marketing have their own advantages. Traditional marketing has been around for decades, allowing people the opportunity to create a certain image in their audience's head about what they are selling without having to show them exactly what it is. These days, however, with so many companies trying to get in front of your eyes at all times, you need your product or service to stand out from the rest of the crowd in some way that will make consumers remember you when they go online in search of something.

It is also important not to rely entirely on one type of advertisement design when trying to market your product. Digital marketing is absolutely essential these days, as it is where you can stand out among all of the other businesses online, but traditional marketing still has its place in some cases. If your ads are being played on local radio constantly, for example, this might be enough to convince people driving by your billboard that they should stop inside and check out what you have to offer.

On top of this, some businesses may not have a large enough budget to market themselves extensively through digital means. If this sounds like your situation you might want to consider expanding your advertising budget by incorporating print media into your plans or stepping up how often you run ads on the radio. Remember that whatever kind of ad campaign you decide to run, effective marketing requires bringing two different kinds of campaigns together so people who find you through the Internet and people who find you through things like phone books, advertisements on public transportation, etc. can all connect to your business in one way or another.

Utilizing a Combination of Traditional and Modern Marketing Strategies

By combining traditional and modern marketing strategies you will be able to take full advantage of both worlds. This allows potential customers access into how your business promotes itself no matter what kind of media they use to seek out products and services online. By taking these two very different kinds of advertising and making them work together, your ability to make a significant impact on your audience will grow exponentially. By doing this the advantages of each side and how it works with the other comes together as a collective whole that can easily carry a company to success - if done correctly.

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