What is the purpose of noise monitoring equipment?

March 23, 2022

Noise pollution is a persistent problem in today’s society. Like every other problem in society, excessive noise is an issue that companies and brands are trying to solve with the help of multiple solutions. The first step to resolving this issue is the use of a noise monitoring device. Noise monitoring is a process of keeping track of noise levels so that the sound does not exceed the advised levels.

Noise monitoring devices are used in different equipment and establishments. In commercial establishments, a noise monitoring system helps in keeping noise levels down so that no workers face occupational hazards. As noise can be an issue in society, the scope of noise monitoring system deployment is high. In this article, we discuss the necessity of noise monitoring equipment in different setups.

Where can noise monitoring systems be put to use? 

There are many areas in which a remote noise monitoring system can be put to use. The sources of noise have been broadening and deployment of a noise monitoring system is absolutely necessary.

Industrial spaces

Noise monitoring systems can measure noise in an industrial area. Industrial areas are prone to higher levels of noise from heavy equipment and vehicle movements. Therefore, industrial space needs remote noise monitoring and on-site monitoring. The monitoring process helps reduce levels of noise so that the space is not harmful to people.

Construction sites

Construction sites are among some of the noisiest places. The sound from construction equipment and activities can be the source of irritation for people living around the space. Construction activity in the neighbourhood can create a constant background noise that affects your health in the long run. Therefore, such areas need noise monitoring and cancellation.

Traffic posts

Vehicular traffic has increased exponentially in the past few years. The traffic on the road is a huge source of incoming noise. Therefore, traffic points on roads need remote noise monitoring equipment hire so that the authorities can identify sources of noise and reduce it. Traffic post noise monitoring is linked with traffic control centers for centralized decisions and actions.

Aircraft and airports

Aircraft cause a lot of noise when they are taking off and landing. Aircraft are also noise emitting when they fly. Therefore, aircraft need noise monitoring and cancellation systems. Airports are also sources of noise from the high number of people who visit them and the aircraft that move to and from the airport. The noise cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be minimized with proper strategies and processes.

Why are noise monitoring systems important at the workplace? 

No one likes to work in a noisy atmosphere. Humans are not programmed to withstand the high level of noise. Workplaces, therefore, need to be silent and highly productive. Noise affects the productivity and concentration of a person. Now that most of us handle high-pressure work, it is very important to create a sustainable environment that supports fast-paced work. Silent, low sound spaces allow workers to do their work with peace and concentration.

For workers who have industrial plants or manufacturing units as workplaces, the risk is higher. The noise from industrial equipment can be a real occupational hazard. A high level of sound and frequent exposure can cause damage to the delicate ears. Therefore, to provide a safe and productive workplace to employees, noise monitoring systems are a necessity in workplaces.

Apart from noise monitoring systems, you also need noise cancellation instruments in place in work areas so that people working there and moving in the surroundings can work with peace.

Different types of noise monitoring equipment

There are many types of noise monitoring equipment that you can use to measure noise. Some of the most common types are the SLM, the ISLM, and the Dosimeter.


The SLM is a simple noise measuring system that consists of a microphone, electronic circuits, and a display. The SLM detects air pressure variations and associates them with sound variations in the surrounding area. The SLM is right for places that have continuous noises, like a busy workplace. However, in workplaces that have high-intensity sounds over instances and not a continuous period, the SLM does not work that well. Such workplaces need the Dosimeter.


The Dosimeter is a small and light noise monitoring equipment that is wearable and easily catches intermittent sounds. The Dosimeter is good for a workplace that has variable levels of noise over a long period of time. An SLM is good for places like construction sites. A dosimeter is good for corporate workplaces. The Dosimeter has a threshold below which it does not record noise data.

Apart from the SLM and Dosimeter, the ISLM is also a particular noise monitoring system. The ISLM is the Integrated Sound Level Meter. The ISLM is an advanced version of the SLM, which works like a dosimeter. The need and use of these noise monitoring equipment will continue for future years as noise pollution becomes more of a real issue than ever.

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