Which bathtub is better to choose?

March 28, 2022

Decided to renovate the bathroom and do not know which bath to choose? Then read our article, and in just a few minutes you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of popular types of baths. So, when you come to the nearest bathroom supply store – you will be ready to choose your item.

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Cast iron bath - pros and cons

Cast iron is a solid and brittle alloy at the same time. Don't worry, though. Cracking a cast-iron bathtub will take some effort. The cast-iron bathtub is covered with two layers of enamel, which will serve you for about 10-30 years. A bathtub made of this material has a phenomenal lifespan.

Some disadvantages of cast iron baths:

  • A small range of sizes.
  • Impressive weight (80-150 kg).
  • The high cost of eliminating enamel defects.

It is better not to mount a cast-iron bath in wooden houses on the second and higher floors.

Due to its large dimensions, the product may not be suitable for installation in an apartment building.

All in all, cast iron is a great choice!

Types of steel bathtubs

There are two types of steel from which bathtubs are made:

  • Structural steel that looks like cast iron. Steel bathtubs are thick-walled. They are covered with acrylic enamel. The shaped range of steel baths is much more comprehensive than that of cast iron baths due to the material's flexibility.
  • Bathtubs from stainless steel. Baths made of this material are less prevalent in our country since a stainless steel bath is several times more expensive than cast iron. Stainless steel bathtubs are not covered with anything but only polished.
  • Before purchasing a steel bath, make sure that there are no people with a large mass in your family. Otherwise, product defects cannot be avoided. In addition, water cools quickly in steel baths.

What are ceramic bathtubs?

Ceramic baths are divided into two types:

Faience. Faience products are elite because they require unique materials for their manufacture. Accordingly, their price is relatively high. Cover faience bathtubs with unique glaze.

Metal-ceramic. Ceramic metal is cheaper and lighter than faience. Feature of the product ─ the presence of a metal frame. The wall thickness of ceramic-metal baths is less than that of faience. These bathtubs are made in an oval shape.

Acrylic bathtub - what is good

The price range of the product is quite multifaceted. Everything depends on the production and material base. Acrylic bathtubs are light in weight (about 30 kg), water cools slowly in them, many options for shapes different price groups. Such baths are not easy to maintain, do not tolerate too high temperatures, and are also explicitly related to household chemicals.

Quaryl bathtub - characteristics

Caryl is a modernized acrylic. Solid and durable material. Due to their strength, such bathtubs are mounted on legs. The price of the product is relatively high.

Which bathroom brand to choose

TOP-4 best manufacturers of bathroom furniture:

  • Lexora
  • Blossom
  • DreamLine
  • Socimoblel

Carefully choose a bath because the comfort of your life depends on such a purchase.

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