Will My Insurance Cover Roof Damage?

March 25, 2022

Your roof has a problem. It's possible that the wind ripped off part of your roof, or perhaps severe snow was to blame. Now, you have holes in your roof and are wondering if home insurance will be adequate?

There are a number of variables that influence whether or not insurance companies will pay for roof replacement or repairs. The most significant consideration is simply whether the damage was an insurable loss. That implies it must have been caused by a covered hazard. We'll talk about when insurance is more likely to cover the expense of damages and when it may not cover any expenditures today.

When Insurance May Help

There are times when homeowners insurance will cover a roofing insurance claim. Unfortunately, there are more occasions when they will not assist you than when they will. Roof insurance is generally used for storm damage and disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as damages due to special and unpredictable events.

Severe Weather Damage

If you've had a devastating storm and several tiles fell off or your shingles need to be replaced, your homeowners insurance will most likely cover the cost of the missing shingles. This is especially true if you have comprehensive coverage, which is typically a component of every standard homeowners policy. The majority of our roofing insurance claim work is focused on storms.

Unanticipated Disasters

Homeowners insurance is more likely to cover unexpected occurrences like fire or theft. Some plans do not cover these sorts of losses, but if there is a clause in the policy that specifies your roof, you will almost certainly be reimbursed even though the damage was truly unavoidable.

When Insurance May Not Help

Not every damaged roof is eligible for insurance reimbursement through the claim procedure. There are a few circumstances when homeowners insurance may not cover the cost of roof damage, or it won’t give enough to pay for a complete replacement or repair service. Construction and repair faults, policy coverage limitations, high deductibles, and homeowner neglect can all impact your coverage.

Bad Construction

If a structure was built in violation of local building rules and you learn about it only later, you may not be covered by an insurance policy because this would not be recognized as a covered loss. The idea is that homeowners and contractors violate building codes or illegally develop regions on the property to save money sometimes. In such situations, your insurance may not cover losses.

Coverage Limits

Occasionally, it's simply a matter of the damages straying outside of your insurance coverage's parameters. If your shingles aren't typical and you live in a region where strong winds and heavy rains occur, such as the Midwest, you may wish to consider purchasing additional wind-related coverage.

Insurance Deductibles

It's also crucial to note that homeowners insurance generally only covers damage above and beyond your deductible. Anything below that must be paid for out of pocket or via personal savings unless your policy has a specific deductible limit.

Homeowner Imprudence

Finally, homeowner's insurance may not cover roof damage if the underlying covered peril has not yet occurred and your roof is in bad condition. For example, if you have a rotted roof and the wall below is becoming a fire hazard, this might be deemed an "occurrence" by your insurance company, resulting in no payment for those losses.

Now You Know

In most situations, homeowners insurance will cover a portion of the cost of repairing your roof damage rather than replacing it if everything was done correctly in accordance with local building codes and the damages fall within your policy limits, such as storm damage and unpredictable events.

When it comes to roofs that don't suffer from external forces such as wind or rain, insurance does not cover normal wear and tear. It can assist pay for the deterioration that occurs due to these frequent events. After all, that is the primary goal of insurance in general. It covers the unforeseen and often unforeseeable accidents that occur in life. Even most basic homeowners policies should include coverage for roof repair or replacement.


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