10 Trendy Design Ideas For Hardwood Flooring

April 4, 2022

Hardwood flooring has always been a popular choice for many homes in recent times. This is because of their durable and stylish designs, which give any home an attractive and welcoming touch.

A common misconception is that hardwood floors can only be one color or one style whereas elegance is seen only in mixed hardwood floors. However, hardwood flooring is actually a versatile choice that can complement any kind of interior design. In addition to its versatility, it comes with many stylish designs you can choose from.

Below is a list of some trendy hardwood flooring styles worth considering:

1. Pine

Pine is ideal for those who want a more traditional look in their home that will still make it easy to decorate with. Keeping a consistent look may require you to match your floors with other wood elements in the room, such as a wood dining set and knotty pine cabinets.

Older houses often have hardwood pine floors, so pine flooring adds a vintage, almost historic feel to any room, plus a touch of luxury.

2. Distressed Wide Planks

Wide plank wood floors can be used in any area of the home since they’re available in a wide range of colors, such as a dark shade or a cream color. They’re particularly suitable in rooms where you want to add a modern touch. They give off a contemporary feel that can be achieved by keeping the décor simple.

3. Maple Planks

Maple lends a room a deeper, more abundant hue and feel. A space with maple floors looks striking but also cozy. Suppose you're thinking about installing maple plank floors in your home but aren't sure where. Maple flooring is great anywhere, be it the living or dining area, even in the powder room. It'll make any area of your home look alluring. In fact, it’s a popular option because of its light color, fine grain pattern, and hardness.

4. Red Oak

Like maple, red oak is another popular option because of its versatility. It features a red tone that enhances its intricate design. It’s durable too, with less risk of wear and tear. Hence, it’s ideal in areas that see a lot of foot traffic, such as the kitchen.

5. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood brings timeless elegance to any room in the home, creating a cozy, peaceful vibe and adding beauty to the room. You can install it in your bathrooms, which will look stunning.

6. Ebonized Wood

Ebonized wood can be used in any area, and it’s easy to clean. If you're a new parent or have a space with a lot of traffic, this flooring design is perfect for you. Not only is it easy to maintain but also cohesive.

Moreover, it can make any room feel more luxurious. Since it features a bold look, it works best in an area with a neutral or soft-color scheme.

7. Cherry Wood

Like distressed wide planks and red oak, cherry wood can be used in any area. It features a softer look than oak and boasts durability and strong shock absorption, making it fit for a room with a lot of traffic. What’s more, it exudes luxury and brings your space to life with its dark tone that contrasts with bright walls.

If you're looking to add a dash of exotic flair to your home, Brazilian cherry wood is an excellent choice. This option has a deep shade that highlights its intricate wood grains, and it can be refinished to get rid of scratches or switch the color because of its great strength and density.

8. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is simple, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, as well as affordable. It can turn your home into an airy space.

You can pair this flooring option with white or patterned furniture to create a sophisticated style, which will make your home look upscale.

9. Douglas Fir

Recognized for its natural beauty, Douglas Fir is an excellent option if you're searching for a unique type of flooring. It’s common in granaries and old barns.

Pair it with another wood element like Brazilian cherry furniture for a more ornate look. This will bring about an open and a modern feel.

10. Bleached Wood

Bleached wood floors are a lovely choice if you prefer a crisp, white-color scheme with a modern twist. The pure and simple nature of this flooring ties it all together. Include accent pieces, such as a china cabinet and chairs with striking colors, that draw attention to the flooring and help it shine.

Bleached wood is a brilliant way to give your home a fresh look. It matches with a minimalist, modern, or a Scandinavian style. It can be installed on the outdoor deck too.


Hardwood flooring remains a popular choice because it’s as warm as it’s timeless. Depending on the design, it can add a traditional, rustic, or contemporary look to your home.


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