4 Tips and Tricks for Window Cleaning in Your House

April 18, 2022

Windows are important when we consider illumination as a structural element in construction. Skyscrapers and mansions with glass exteriors are becoming increasingly common. Window cleaning is an important step that homeowners take to ensure that their glass exterior is always clean and gleaming. In this post, we'll go over a few tips for mastering the art of window cleaning.

Have the right tools

To get the best results in window cleaning, the choice of equipment and detergents to use are vital. The essentials for most cleaning jobs are detergents, scrubbers, a container to store water, and microfiber cloths. In case you plan on working in elevated places, always carry a ladder. Windows vary in quality and texture. Before buying detergents, always check the manufacturer's specifications for use on glass surfaces. Detergents with a bleaching effect should never be used on stained and laminated glass. The bleaching effect causes colors to fade over time.

Mix some windshield solution with your cleaning water when cleaning windows in freezing temperature. The freezing point of water will be lowered by using a windshield solution. A low freeze point will keep water from freezing on the window as you wipe it.

For those who like to make home-based cleaning detergents, a mix of water and a little cleaning liquid should get the job done.The cleaning detergent should not be too foamy. Cleaning water with too much soap leaves windows having a white glare when they dry.

The scraper should always be soft to minimize the risks of scratching the glass as you clean it. Have sufficient water to rinse out all the glass surfaces you are cleaning. When getting scrubbers to check the quality of the brushes and joints. Weak brushes can break and end up scratching your glass.

Consult a Cleaning Service

House window cleaning can be a tedious and technical process to be done by some individuals. For such, seeking the services of a cleaning service will help alleviate the stress associated with window cleaning from you.

Professional cleaning services come equipped with all the necessary tools required for the job. They have detergents, microfiber cloths, scrubbers, etc. However, if you own your own window cleaning tools that you would prefer to be used, you can hand them over to them.

A significant advantage of consulting a cleaning service is that after cleaning, they also offer advice on how to maintain window cleanliness. However,if you are looking to clean the windows yourself, the following tips will ensure that you get impeccable results.

Have a Strategy

Window cleaning is dynamic and can be approached with the use of various techniques such as pressure washing and power washing or even hand washing with a cloth. Power washing entails the use of heated water to dissolve and clean out any dirt on your windows. Pressure washing on the other hand will involve the use of a high pressurized water jet to remove dirt. The choice of a method will depend on costs, the size of the area to be cleaned, and also the type of glass.

The use of high pressure water should be monitored. A water jet with too much pressure can break or crack windows. Power washes are always ideal for greasy glass surfaces such as those in hotel kitchens. For small areas such as living rooms and residential buildings, hand washing is ideal for daily window cleaning tasks.

For deep thorough cleaning, one can always seek services of commercial cleaning services. This is a team of cleaning specialists who will give your windows the necessary cleaning detail.

Know the Right Cleaning Technique

Window cleaning should be done systematically. The initial step in exterior glass cleaning is scrubbing the glass. Working at an angle enables one to reach all corners of the glass to remove any dirt that's stuck. The use of a squeegee during the scrapping will enable you to direct water efficiently to dirty spots on the window surface.

When using a squeegee, use strip hand movements to firmly slide the squeegee from the top to the bottom of the glass surface. After ensuring that all areas are clean of the dirty water after scrubbing, gently clean the end of the squeegee with a clean cloth and some water. This will remove any dirt particles and stains that may be stuck.

Dip the squeegee in a bucket of clean water. Rinse out the glass again by pouring clean water on it. After all the water has dripped off, use the clean squeegee to wipe off any water droplets left on the window. Use a clean microfiber cloth to gently rub the clean window surface. A microfiber cloth will dry out any water that may be present on the window leaving it with a bright shine.

For windows encased in wooden frames. Cleaning of the frames is done using a clean cloth or sponge. The frames should always be wiped dry with a microfiber cloth.

Use different materials when cleaning the inside and exterior sides of your windows. Stains such as bird droppings can be smelly and are normally found on the exterior part of a window. Using the same cloth to clean such stains and also wipe interior panels can result in rooms having an undesirable scent

Handling Hard to Clean Windows

Window stains vary. The most common stain on windows is dust from the soil. At times, windows can get sticky stains such as paint, plant resins, grease, and even oil. When such stains dry, they are hard to wipe off using a wet cloth. In such scenarios, they can be scraped off using a razor blade. It is important to note that sharp blades should never be used on tempered glass.

It is common to use sharp blades when removing tough stains on windows. Pour clean soapy water on the window surface you want to clean. Gently slide the razor on the window surface paying clear attention to the areas with the stains. The process is to be repeated until all the stuck material is dislodged from the glass. Ammonia mixed with cleaning water can be used to wipe off grease and oil from window surfaces.

Interior glass used in making shower doors is prone to having soap and other mineral deposits form a white or brown layer on the glass. Such layers are sticky and require the use of soapy water and a rough abrasive kitchen sponge to clean out the dirt. Wet Bird droppings can easily be wiped out with a wet cloth.


To get the best cleaning results, always make it a habit to clean your windows as frequently as possible. This will minimize the piling up of dirt on your windows. Make it a habit to wipe your windows dry after cleaning. This will minimize the formation of dust smudges on the window surface. These tips ensure that we have clean, gleamy windows that are clean and illuminate the building's exterior and interior.


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