4 Ways to promote your small real estate business

April 22, 2022

The modern world is full of businesses and startups. It’s even possible to say that the market is overwhelmed with competitive businesses. Standing out of a crowd is not easy nowadays. You need to leave your competitors far behind and catch up with the time. Innovative technologies, as well as old-school strategies, can help with that. Everything works well when you need to be one step ahead of your biggest competitors.

Even if you have unique content and incredibly demanded business in Croatia, you need to promote it to reach out to as many potential consumers as possible. Your task is to increase the visibility of your brand, make your small business highly ranked in search engines, and keep your audience engaged. Not an easy task, huh?

No worries, even if your small business has multiple competitors in Croatia, you have all chances to win and become very successful. Check out the best interview transcription services for help.The tips below will help you learn how to do that with the least effort and expense. Keep reading until the very end and figure out how not to wait for ages to become the number one business in Croatia in your niche.

SEO optimization

Everyone has heard of SEO and how crucial it is for your business. You could also have heard that it is extremely expensive. Of course, a small business, especially a startup cannot afford to spend a bunch of money on this marketing campaign.

No worries, there is no need to do that because a reliable transcription service is a very efficient way to do that. Take it as a SEO campaign on a budget. How can transcription increase your SEO you wonder? Let us make it clear because it is one of the most effective SEO means.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of business in Croatia you are going to promote. It doesn’t even matter whether it is an online or offline business. Regardless of that, you have a website and social media profiles. If you don’t, you should definitely do it right now because without them, promoting even an offline business is impossible.

These are the main sources bringing your organic traffic, especially when speaking about a small business online. SEO optimization brings more customers — organic users. You may think that promoting your business on Instagram is crucial but a website is only a secondary source. You are wrong though because statistics prove that a SEO-optimized website brings 1000% more organic users than social media.

Potential customers can find your website online only when it is visible in search engines. How does it work? Users browse the Internet in search of answers to their questions. You should give them answers related to your business then and this way, link your potential audience to your website. Of course, you can do it by doing an audio transcription online and including specific keywords in this text.

Thanks to transcription, your visibility will be increased in a few ways. Even if you promote the video and audio content on your blog, website, or YouTube channel, you will not make this content visible in search engines without a top-quality video to text transcription. If such content isn’t transcribed, it cannot be really visible in search engines. Thus, even if your users insert the necessary keywords in search engines, they will not access that content.

Now you understand why you need to simply transcribe your content no matter what it is. It will give you absolutely free SEO optimization, higher visibility, and higher rankings on Google. This way, just get ready to host your followers on your website or blog.

Create a top-quality Instagram account

Those times when Instagram was a platform for teenagers are long gone. It stopped being a platform for exchanging pictures between teens and millennials but became a huge marketing platform opening so many new horizons to all businesses. Presidents, businesses, startups, the biggest and most popular brands, celebrities, bloggers promote themselves on this social media platform.

Instagram increases brand awareness. The first thing your potential users do when hearing about your business is search for your Instagram page. No page? This makes people really concerned. Why doesn’t this brand want to be seen by people? It causes a lot of doubts about your business and thus, loss of interest in your company.

The truth is Instagram is not only the face of your business. It is a place where people can learn more about your brand and your product. It is also a wonderful place for reposts and reviews. People share their experiences with your brand. If there are no reviews, you do not seem too trustful.

The question of Instagram content is even more important. There are huge SMM companies that help businesses promote their brands. You can also cooperate with opinion leaders and bloggers and ask them for an ad campaign on Instagram. Of course, this all has to be done very carefully. You need to look for an opinion leader or blogger in your niche only.

For instance, if you are promoting a business that sells vapes or e-cigarettes, your marketing campaign with a blogger promoting healthy lifestyles or mom’s routines will hardly be successful. Yes, she has a broad audience. However, her audience is people leading healthy lifestyles, doing sports, or young mummies interested in breastfeeding and diapers. Such a campaign will be a huge waste of money.

You might be surprised but you don't have to spend a lot of money on your Instagram campaign. It is enough to create valuable video and audio content and then, transcribe your audio and use the text for more Instagram or blog posts. You can also use it for your website to create more versatile content. It is called content repurposing and it is very cost and time-efficient.

Adjust your content to people with special needs

Once again, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you are going to promote in Croatia. You will boost it significantly if you adjust your content to people who have various impairments. For example, if your website contains a lot of audio to text transcription, make sure to also create more audio files for people with vision problems.

It would be great to have both audio and video content and its text transcriptions because people with hearing impairments will not be able to become your customers only because of not being able to listen to your audio and video files. Can you imagine how many people with various visual and hearing disabilities browse the Internet in search of various content and services daily?

You got it right, all these people may become your audience and thus, further users if you adjust your content specifically for them. If you are not geographically limited to one city or country, this audio transcription will open a global market for you. People with special needs really appreciate it when businesses care about them.

It means that all of these users might become your devoted customers, buyers, and followers just if you adjust your content to their special needs. Doing it is not difficult at all and doesn’t cost you anything. Such transcription services cost very little and are much cheaper and more affordable than any SEO or SMM specialist. The results will be really amazing though.

Create versatile content only

Even if your niche is very monotonous and serious, such content will not be able to keep even the most devoted followers. This is just psychology and the nature of humans. They cannot watch or listen to the same content all the time. People are bored quickly and easily.

The brain of people and their spoiled beings makes them want entertainment. Remember that your competitors won’t neglect a chance to leave you behind in this aspect. Hence, you need to be very creative and versatile when it comes to your website, blog, or social media content.

No, of course, you do not have to create unbelievable shows daily to entertain your followers unless this is the part of the business you are going to promote. It only means that you need to deliver different content. If you used to post only pictures and longreads on your social media, it’s time to be more creative and at least, once a week, issue something different.

It can be a questionnaire or a survey. People participate in such posts very gladly. Video content with entertaining music is much desired. People tend to watch short videos. From time to time, arrange giveaways so that your users could participate to win something. This is a very good way of keeping your audience engaged.

Of course, good content creators are not cheap and if your small business is relatively new or a startup, you cannot afford to pay such a worker. No worries, in this case, a good and old above-mentioned transcription service will be helpful again. You can convert a lot of video and audio content into text and then, use small parts of it to create text posts on your social media. In the same way, it will bring more organic users to your website.

Promoting a small business in Croatia is not difficult at all when using all opportunities the modern market offers. Just a simple, cheap and very effective transcription solely can help you boost your business in many ways.

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