7 Gorgeous Design Tips to Make your Kitchen Look More Elegant and Organized

April 27, 2022

Renovating a kitchen is one of the most expensive house projects for any homeowner, but with the least payoff. Luckily, you no longer have to dread the thought of preparing a family dinner in your old shabby kitchen, because we have come up with simple ways you can make it look elegant and chic, even with a small budget.

Clean your space

Before you begin reorganizing and decorating, make sure you thoroughly clean your space. There is no kitchen that would look attractive or organized while dirty. Scrub your cabinets and countertops, make room in your pantry or cupboards for small appliances you do not use every day, and place necessities you cannot store away, like mail or keys, in a decorative basket or tray. Create extra space by throwing away chipped or unattractive plates and glassware and clearing your countertops of anything you do not use daily.

Lay down a rug

Add a lovely runner or area rug to introduce a bit of warmth and class to your kitchen. A rug is basically a piece of functional art, especially if it is hand-made and of good quality. It will make your kitchen look a bit softer and more inviting while giving you extra comfort while cooking. Just because the kitchen is a highly functional area, and you are not likely to entertain guests there, especially if it is small and separate from the dining room, that does not mean you should not decorate it. A well-placed rug can bring the whole kitchen together, either by breaking the color scheme or establishing it. Additionally, it will protect your floor from wear and tear.

Personalize with decor

A beautiful kitchen does not have to look store-bought and matchy-matchy. You can easily avoid having your kitchen look like it is from a catalog by personalizing it with interesting accessories. Whether it be a house plant on the window sill, a couple of pictures or paintings on the wall, an interesting vase on the counter, or all three, your kitchen will look much more elegant with decor. Anything you intentionally arrange around your kitchen will definitely contribute to a more elevated look.

Get statement pieces

Invest in a couple of statement pieces that will really shine in your kitchen. Think about a solid wood buffet or hutch, especially if your kitchen and dining room are joined into one room. A beautiful dining table or elegant hand-made Amish dining chairs are just some statement pieces that will give an air of class to your space and last for generations. But you do not have to go in that direction – a stylish and modern light fixture, like large gold lantern pendants or even a small lamp on your countertop, will equally draw the eye for that much-needed ‘wow’ factor.

Upgrade your hardware and faucet

Even cheap cabinets can look more expensive once you switch out old cheap hardware for sleeker and elegant designs. Make a statement by placing matte black or brushed brass hardware all around your kitchen, varying between pulls and knobs. But make sure that they match. Oversized cabinet pulls add weight to the space and make everything look more unified and expensive. Also, invest in a unique kitchen faucet to switch things up. It can either match or contrast the rest of the hardware. Today’s manufacturers offer a variety of unique, quirky designs with various finishes to give your kitchen a high-end look.

Paint Your Cabinets

You do not necessarily need to switch out all your cabinets if they do not match or are not pretty. Simply go to your local Home Depot and get some kitchen cabinet paint. Revamp your space and save a couple of bucks by doing some DIY work. It is easier than you think. Just make sure that you choose a color palette that compliments your space and decor, like sage, grey, blue, or even black and white.

Use open shelving as a display

Cabinets with glass doors or open shelving are not for storing, it is for display. You should definitely utilize that space, but store items in a way that will compliment your kitchen and personal style. Get matching spice containers and label them with your own handwriting. The colors of different spices will look very decorative against a white wall. Display your expensive china or crystal glassware in a glass door hutch or cabinet. You can even use an open shelf for potted herbs or your favorite dish sets, especially if you have an unused wall in need of attention.

A smudge of paint here, a new vase there, and eventually you will see your kitchen has become everything you ever wanted it to be. Whatever style you choose to incorporate: modern, boho, classic, farmhouse, or cottage, with these simple steps you will have a new elegant kitchen in no time.

Written by Brigitte Evans


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