8 Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Insulation

April 18, 2022

Our home's insulation system is something that we don't think of very often. We just let the experts install one for us and we'll just leave them sitting for many years.

And since you're here, I bet you feel that something's off with the functioning of your insulation system. Remember, your insulation is one of the most important ingredients that keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient.

So, you must take action before it's too late. But how do you know when it's time to replace your insulation? Buckle up as we present 8 signs that it might already be the time to change things around:

1: Have a look at your energy expenses

Have you noticed an increase in your cooling or heating bills recently? That's a clue that something isn't quite right with the house. Heat might be escaping through the insulation compartment in the attic or crawl space, for example. Windows and doors may also have leaks that lead to inefficient temp regulation.

Conduct an energy audit if you detect that your energy costs are too high. Do an examining session of your property’s insulation, as well as other parts of the home where possible leaks might occur, to determine whether they need repair.

2: Insect and vermin invasion

In your house, the insulation can act as a habitat for a variety of undesirable organisms. You might not even be aware that insects or animals are living in the insulation compartment.

That's why it's critical to inspect your insulation regularly since it might become infested with pests, which can lead to a health risk. These vermin may leave deposits of urine and feces behind that may enter the air in the house.

You may get a team of specialists to inspect it, deal with the pest danger, and then replace your insulation.

3: Drafty spaces and temperature regulation issues

Have you ever entered a room in your house and discovered that it is considerably cooler than other rooms? That's an indication of insulation failure. The function of insulation is to create a barrier between the air within your home and the air outside of your home. When insulation fails, it reduces its buffering ability between the two environments.

When the buffer is removed, any remaining cool or warm air may freely enter your house, producing a draft and other issues.

4: Dampness in certain areas within your system

Moisture within your home may cause a slew of problems. Bacteria such as mold and mildew thrive in moist environments, and their presence can lead to health issues. Mold thrives in damp insulation, too.

These can pose a health hazard if it builds up in your home's air, resulting in respiratory problems and affecting the overall air quality.

Furthermore, wet insulation is a poor idea for your house. Wet insulation will deteriorate and degrade faster as a result of being waterlogged. If the pockets are, instead, holding water rather than air, the insulation won't function. Examine indications of water damage to know whether you need to replace your insulation with urgency.

5: Existence of strange, unpleasant odors

Does your house (or portions of it) still reek strongly even after you've done a thorough cleaning? Does the odor have a somewhat moldy trace in nature?

Unfortunately, insulation types are not water-resistant. Fiberglass methods, for instance, absorb moisture. If the roof leaks, the water may damage your insulating material. The same goes for basements and crawl spaces in your home.

Dampness in insulation can cause mold and produce unpleasant scents. Mold, in turn, infests the air in your living space, which is much more dangerous. If you detect a musty odor but aren't sure where it's coming from, check your insulation for signs of deterioration.

6: Recurring or worsening allergies

Is there someone in your home who is suffering from recurring allergic symptoms that don't seem to go away when they are inside the premises? Your family member might not require additional allergy medicine; it's possible that your insulation is to blame. Mold-infested insulation may cause allergic reactions to get worse.

Dust and other particles may also collect in some insulation methods, which has a negative influence on the atmosphere quality inside your house.

Even if your family members have frequent allergies, it's a good idea to replace the insulation throughout and securely seal it with spray foam.

7: Visible water damage

A leak might be seen on the floor, where there is a lot of water as well as wet carpeting or dark patches on the ceiling. A leak may also lead to residing molds up there. As previously said, the prevalence of mold can be detrimental to your family's health.

Insulation can become critical, with the previously mentioned dangers. Not only can massive moisture damage harm your insulation, but an ineffectively installed one can also contribute to the worsening of water damage and its harsh impacts.

If your water pipe isn't thoroughly applied with insulation, extreme winter temperatures can cause a sudden burst, resulting in much more complications in your home, family, and finances. It's critical to ensure that your property is well-insulated in every portion that badly needs it.

8: Your insulation system has already aged

Insulation is designed to endure, but it does not always live up to that promise. Many manufacturers claim that insulation will last for a century or the duration of the building. However, just because the insulation is meant to endure doesn't imply it's in good working order.

You want to make sure that your house's insulation doesn't compact over time. It needs to be "fluffy" with many nooks and crannies for air to be trapped.

Older insulation, in addition, was not designed with today's technology advancements in mind. That means insulation produced today is more durable and energy-efficient than in past versions.

But just so you know, different insulating materials have different expected lifespans. So...

What kind of insulation do you possess?

The lives of different types of insulation vary. Do you know what sort of insulation you have in your home? If that's the case, these are the average lifespans for replacement:

  • Spray Foam (Polyurethane). It is one of the most durable, effective, and dependable types of home insulation available. It might endure a person's entire life or longer. Many people will never have to replace the spray foam applied in their homes. However, if it has been damaged by weather, insects, construction, or other causes, it may require you to replace your insulation.
  • Fiberglass. It's a popular option since it works and is inexpensive. It may last 80 to 100 years in most homes before needing to be replaced unless damaged. Fiberglass batts, on the other hand, can begin to sag after 15 to 20 years due to insulation.
  • Cellulose. This is more environmentally friendly and more effective at blocking air than some other forms of insulation. But because it is largely composed of recycled materials, cellulose insulation does degrade with time. The average lifespan is 20 to 30 years, with degradation beginning as early as 15 years after installation.
  • Mineral Wool. Mineral wool is a popular, long-lasting type of home insulation. Mineral wool insulation may endure for several decades before you become obliged to replace your insulation, although the lifespan varies depending on the certan product used.

Schedule an energy audit and repair or replacement with iFoam

Do you think it's time for your insulation to be replaced? They can assist you in determining that and then recommend the best type of replacement for your house as well as a cost estimate.

Alternatively, are you experiencing any of the symptoms of bad insulation and yet confident your insulation isn't to blame? It's possible that something within your system is responsible for your difficulties and encouraging your energy costs to rise. They can aid in determining that!

iFoam is a reputable insulation contractor that helps homeowners increase their comfort, decrease their energy bills, and prolong the life of their home by optimized insulation procedures undertaken if chosen to install. Even better, it only takes a few minutes of talk and they are already there to replace your insulation. So, start optimizing your home now!

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