A Guide to The Most Popular Architectural House Styles

April 27, 2022


The magical thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back. But good houses take work. Repurposing and restyling are what make a home personal. If you’ve been an admirer (and dreamer) of the quintessential house structures that you see while driving down a road, then we've got the ultimate round-up of the most popular house styles for every taste.


Thanks to the 3D exterior rendering technique, you can now visualize what your new home would look like before it is even built. Created with sophisticated computer software, 3D exterior design services make it easy to simulate real-world physics, angles, and textures precisely. Having a clear idea of what needs to be built will further help improve communication with team members, clients, workers and streamline the workflow.



Different House Styles

Whether you are an architect, or a seller, it is beneficial to know the most different house styles in demand right now. And as a home buyer, it becomes extremely crucial to know what house style you’ll love the most before making an offer, because that’s where you’re going to live most of the time!


Here are a few different house styles that might bring joy to your eyes:


1.     Victorian

Emulating an old-world style, Victorian-style homes became popular during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) and are typified by Gothic influences and complexly designed woodwork with pitched roofs, cylindrical turrets, wraparound front porches, and roof towers. A true fit for a queen!


2.     Farmhouse

As the name suggests, farmhouse structures were used for living on a farm. Although the cozy design aesthetic remains, today's farmhouses are mixed with clean contemporary lines to create a family-friendly space, for example, a relaxing porch, more private areas in the back, and formal spaces in front of the kitchen.


3.     Colonial

Trending since 1876, this popular house style is made up of wood or brick facades, a fireplace, and two to three stories. The entry door and the main staircase is typically in the center of the home, the kitchen and the family room are on the first floor, whereas the bedrooms are on the second floor.


4.     Spanish

Spanish-style homes are inspired by colonial architecture under Spanish rule. The key elements of these houses include terracotta roofs, wrought iron details, and plenty of stucco on the exterior. A typical Spanish house style can be identified with arched doorways, asymmetrical construction, and low-pitched roofs.


5.     Ranch

Ranch house styles feature a casual ambiance and open plan in a single-story structure. Having originated in the southwest, they became very popular in the 1950s-1960s owing to the growth of suburban areas. Ranch-style homes have attached garages, efficient living spaces, and are easy to upgrade with additions because of their simple structures.


6.     Tudor

Thanks to European architects, Tudor house styles bring a simple yet picturesque ambiance with stone-heavy exteriors that are easy to spot compared to their lighter colonial counterparts. They have steeply pitched gable roofs with multiple overlaps, brick exteriors with decorated half-timbering and stone accents, tall and narrow windows with multiple panes. The entrance typically has a beautiful arched doorway.


7.     Craftsman

Craftsman house style came out of the Art & Crafts movement between 1905 to 1930. Generally, they are one or one and a half stories tall with a widelayout. The roofs are low pitched and gabled, while the front porches are huge. Other distinguishing features include open floor plans, exposed rafters, and wood framing.


8.     Contemporary

It is an elegant mix of old and new. Think open spaces, large windows, minimalist decorative detailing, asymmetrical facades, glass walls, environmentally friendly design, and contrasting materials. The focus is often on building innovative sustainable homes using natural materials and energy-efficient power sources.


Contemporary modern beach house in Beverly Shores Indiana
Contemporary modern beach house in Beverly Shores Indiana.
Photo by: Justin Ankus


Finally, it is not necessary to always abide by the design rules of a single house style. Personalizing your home style according to your taste and needs is what is going to make the house truly and uniquely yours. So, go with your instinct. And if you face any dilemma on the way, know that there are advanced techniques like 3D rendering that let help you understand what your ideas will look like when executed, so you can always make an informed decision.

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