Analysis and treatment of common faults of coal mine belt conveyor

April 6, 2022

1. Analysis of common faults of belt conveyor

(1) The belt stops rotating

In the process of starting or running, the belt conveyor often appears the failure of outage, which is mainly because the load is too large or the belt is too long, resulting in idling of the driving drum, belt slip. If the belt stops, it will seriously affect the overall operating efficiency of the coal mine belt conveyor, and then adversely affect the mining of the working face.

(2) Belt deviation

Belt deviation often occurs in the actual operation of coal mine belt conveyor. If the belt deviation occurs, it will seriously affect the actual transportation and actual service life of the belt, and even lead to the stopping of coal mine mining, which threatens the safety of mining personnel and damages the economic benefits of mining enterprises. There are many factors leading to belt deviation, such as:

First, there is a large error in the main roller and conformity roller of the belt conveyor itself, and its own problems lead to deviation, and then the problem of running deviation. Second, improper installation. In the process of installing belt conveyor, the installation accuracy of different parts is not high due to the influence of various factors, thus affecting the normal use of belt. For example, the rolling Jane is not vertical with the center of the conveyor belt, and the uneven height of the wire rope is very easy to lead to the belt deviation fault; Again, in the process of transporting underground raw coal, or in the process of equipment maintenance, the attention of the operator is not focused, which leads to the serious deviation of the goods, which is also very easy to lead to the phenomenon of belt deviation. In addition, the maintenance personnel did not clean up the dust in the roller in time, which affected the operation of the equipment and led to the phenomenon of belt deviation.

(3) Belt fracture

If the belt transportation process is subjected to too much tension will lead to the belt conveyor fracture problem, which has a great relationship with the joint is not fixed firmly or belt aging.

(4) Belt slip

In the actual application of belt conveyor, if there is not enough tension between rolling and conveyor belt, the problem of slipping will occur because of insufficient tension. Belt skid factors also include the tail of the belt conveyor floating and sinking more, or too much coal dust accumulation, maintenance personnel did not timely clean up these dust in the maintenance process, resulting in the belt conveyor in the actual operation of the resistance increase and affect the normal operation, belt skid phenomenon.

(5) Belt spreading

There are two main factors that cause the problem of belt spreading. On the one hand, the damage of the guide trough leads to the failure to pour all the material into the belt conveyor's loading trough during the feeding process. On the other hand, the groove shape is unreasonable. Compared with the belt, the groove is smaller and the belt is suspended, which is easy to spill part of the material in the process of pouring.

2. Solutions to common faults of coal mine belt conveyor

(1) The belt does not rotate

If the belt does not rotate smoothly, it can be removed for fault analysis and treatment. First of all, the number of conveyor belt can be increased, with a layer of belt to increase outside the drum, so as to use the belt tension will increase the tightness between the belt and the rolling Jane, and then add materials, with some coal added on the belt, until the belt can rotate position. During processing, the added material shall not be heavier than the maximum weight of the belt conveyor. Can use heavy hammer installation and other installation methods to do a good job of adjusting and imprisoning all kinds of equipment, can achieve control of the emergency start and stop of conveying equipment. Finally, to strengthen the regular maintenance and cleaning of mine equipment, as the equipment used in underground mining, coal mine belt conveyor needs to be regularly cleaned, to avoid the belt friction reduction and skid and other problems. Mine equipment should be handled by professional maintenance personnel.

(2) The treatment of belt offset problem

First of all, the technical personnel should adjust the structure of the roller reasonably and adjust the levelness and balance of the roller. Then debug the drum circular shaft in the head, tail position, in accordance with the standard installation requirements for accurate debugging. In addition, strengthen the inspection of belt conveyor joints, rolling bearings, objective evaluation of wear, timely replacement of excessive wear parts. Finally, the feeding speed and Angle of reasonable debugging, to ensure a good balance of the belt conveyor coal weight.

(3) The treatment of belt fracture

In the belt fracture problem treatment mainly includes the following work: first of all, it should be installed in time to replace the aging belt, check whether the quality of the new belt is qualified, whether it is the product of the regular manufacturer, and then through the tension test to determine whether the belt can be consistent with the design standard. On this basis, the standard installation of belt conveyor belt, belt tightness debugging. In the process of daily use and management of belt conveyor, attention should be paid to the service life of the belt, and a perfect belt replacement mechanism should be constructed. Finally, regular inspection of belt conveyor belt, joint, etc., analysis of abnormal reasons and take effective treatment measures.

(4) Handling of material distribution and abnormal jitter

First of all, check the coal sliding device of the belt conveyor to check the problems of breakage and non-standard installation. Then, the size and model of the groove of the coal sliding device and its connecting part with the belt are compared and checked to see whether they match. If there is a problem, replace the parts in time and install them properly.

(5) Processing of broken shaft of reducer

The fillet value of the reducer should be determined according to the system structure and running state of the belt conveyor. If necessary, the reducer can choose the parallel shaft structure, and ensure that the reducer is installed and maintained in accordance with the motor operation. Maintenance personnel should regularly check the bearing situation of the reducer, do a good job in the management of the operation strength of the belt conveyor, and avoid long-term overload operation.

(6) Processing of oil leakage problem of reducer

First of all, the contact of equipment suppliers should be strengthened, and the heat treatment and quality of the reducer should be checked by professional and technical personnel. The number of heat exhaust devices and vents should be appropriately increased, and the heat dissipation and heat resistance of the reducer should be improved. At the same time, the belt conveyor load management should be strengthened to avoid long-term high load operation shorten the service life of the reducer. Finally, strictly check the oil tank sealing of reducer, do a good job of regular replacement of sealing materials, and strengthen the inspection of oil tank materials.

(7) Noise problems and corresponding measures

The parts such as drive and roller are prone to noise in the operation of belt conveyor. The staff can judge the fault location of equipment according to the source of noise.

(1) If the roller deviates from the center seriously, the roller will not only emit some abnormal noise, but also appear some periodic vibration phenomenon. In particular, the return support wheel should be larger in length and weight, so the noise generated by it is also larger. The main reason for the noise is that the thickness of the material used by the idler in the manufacturing process is not uniform, and the centrifugal force formed by the idler is larger, which will make a certain sound.

Countermeasures: The staff need to adjust the position of the support rod in time in the process of equipment maintenance to effectively solve the noise problem. If the shaft center of the equipment coupling is different, it will also lead to noise from the equipment, so the staff should pay attention to adjust the shaft center of the coupling to ensure that it is in the same straight line.

(2) If there is a problem with the coupling in operation, it will not only make noise, but also appear consistent with the frequency of motor rotation.

Countermeasures: The staff need to adjust the position of the motor and reducer in time to avoid shaft fracture affecting the safe use of equipment.

(3) Reversing rolling and driving rolling will also make noise when there is a problem, the main reason for this situation is bearing damage, and the gap between bearings is large or small, there is a phenomenon of channeling shaft; Or oil leakage, poor sealing, etc., will appear bearing wear.

Countermeasures: the staff should strengthen the maintenance of the equipment, eliminate the leakage point in time, do a good job in the replacement of lubricating oil, if it is a serious leak, then the need to replace the bearing.

3. Strategies to reduce the failure rate of coal mine belt conveyor

(1) Establish a rigorous installation and maintenance mechanism

Coal mine managers need to standardize the management of belt conveyor system to ensure that the equipment is in a stable state for a long time. First of all, the quality inspection mechanism should be strictly formulated, the parts of each department of the belt conveyor system should be checked regularly, and the material should be replaced and selected in strict accordance with the quality standards. Secondly, the installation, debugging and trial operation of equipment for standardized control and evaluation. Finally, the maintenance system should be established and daily inspection should be done to ensure that problems can be found and solved in time to ensure the stable development of coal mining work.

(2) Upgrade the fault diagnosis system

Actively use modern information technology, such as sensors, surveillance equipment and other modern facilities used in coal mines in the fault diagnosis system, each key components detection belt conveyor equipment, timely and accurately collect and analysis the data effectively, in the event of a failure can prompt maintenance staff failure problems and location in time, ensure a rapid repair.

(3) Put the mechanical maintenance work into practice

Reasonable preparation of maintenance plan, and strictly implement mechanical maintenance work. Some enterprises do not pay enough attention to the maintenance of belt conveyor, resulting in quality and safety problems in the process of mining, seriously affecting the efficiency of construction, and even threatening the safety of mining personnel. Enterprise managers should insist on treating problems from the perspective of development, strengthen the rational use and management of machinery and equipment, ensure the cooperation of all departments, and give full play to the value of machinery and equipment.

(4) Adopt targeted repair methods and methods

Comprehensive maintenance and professional operation respectively when the current commonly used two kinds of equipment repair, in the specific work, can also use the way of exchange repair and single machine repair. Stand-alone repair takes a long time and is usually not suitable. Interchangeable repair is the removal of mechanical parts, repair and reuse of damaged parts.

(5) Application of intelligent monitoring and monitoring system for belt conveyor

Intelligent monitoring system, belt conveyor can be real-time monitoring of belt conveyor, its operation principle is simple, the use of PLC controller to the various parameters and status of belt conveyor, regulation, data can be received belt conveyor speed, temperature, position and current data information, clear whether monitoring of these parameters in the normal range, It can reflect the operation status of the belt conveyor in time, and when there is a problem, the intelligent monitoring system will give an early warning in the first time, so that the technical personnel can solve the fault of the belt conveyor in the first time. Fault monitoring is an important content in the intelligent monitoring and monitoring system, which can effectively monitor and detect the belt of the belt conveyor through the sensor, and find the existing faults in time.

4. Conclusion

Belt conveyor is a very important production equipment in coal mining, but in the actual production may be affected by various factors can not operate normally, affecting the coal mining work. Relevant staff need to strengthen the summary, effectively deal with various faults of belt conveyor, ensure that the equipment is in good condition, ensure the smooth progress of coal mining work, improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

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