April 11, 2022

An anti-twist rope consists of a network of closely bound thick fibers like Kevlar that serves as a means of connection between two points thus preventing the wrenching of the body. It is sold by twisting and its length is increased or decreased by clamps. It is one of the best ropes used in sailboats. It is smart and has a technical approach for most sailboats.


An anti twist rope consists of an aramid core that is light in weight and has high strength, nonmetallic honeycomb outer core material is manufactured from aramid fiber paper. After the formation of the honeycomb, it is covered with heat-resistant phenolic resin that imparts heat resistance and immense strength to it.

The aramid core is bound into several parallel strands. It is made by compression, connecting by interweaving the strands at the ends and stitching into thimbles. Also, if you are looking to buy the best rope find the Rope On Sale near you to get it at the best deal.

This process is done by a rigger. Riggers repair wear and tear at manufacturing plants, construction sites, or shipyards. They mainly are responsible for supporting the machinery by attaching different rigged parts, controlling the movement of heavy machinery, and most importantly ensuring safety.

An anti-twirling rope is combined into a sailboat which is mostly used with a furler. They are also used to provide support to spinnaker furler.


The characteristics of an ideal anti-twist rope are mentioned below in detail:

  • Light in weight
  • Requires a huge amount of torque for twisting an object by unit radian
  • Significantly flexible hence easy to handle and manage
  • Can bear a greater load
  • Has a greater external diameter
  • Length suitable according to its use
  • Resistance against corrosion
  • UV protection
  • Huge tensile strength
  • Tolerant and flexible
  • Resistant to rotation


An anti-twist rope has replaced stainless steel due to several advantages and outstanding features associated with it. Its weight is 20 kg and it has replaced stainless steel of 30 mm and weight of 1.5 kg keeping in view that both have the same resistance.


Its anti-torsion characteristic has given it huge importance. As a result, it can easily transfer the furling movement to the swivel. Anti-torsion will come into action with a greater luff.


The main purpose is to manage sail and anti-torsion in a small area. The sailmakers want their sail bags to last for longer periods and want a precise model for easy handling.


The ability to bear load describes anti-torsion. If the guide is pulled tight and is not slack, the connection between the drum and swivel will be sustainable. Load capacity and anti-torsion features hold great importance and must be taken into account.

Hence, both these criteria are of great importance and must be fulfilled accordingly.


It is recommended to use this rope with a larger diameter so that the lugs of the furler can be fitted easily. If the load is beyond 5T then prefer anti-rotation in place of ropes.

If its diameter is greater, then the rotatory motion will be facilitated to a great extent.


Try to keep the length of your rope small. Sometimes, it might be required to reduce the co-efficiency of elongation.

Although anti-rotation rope is more expensive than an ordinary cable but is more efficient, ensures to take care of all the minor and major technicalities, and is much safe and trustworthy.

When the load is high and there is a huge weight then it is the best choice available.


A range of clamps has been developed by sailmakers to make its fitting much easy. The shape is well adapted for whipping.

  • Kit includes a clamp, long stainless screws
  • Size ranging from 9mm to 15mm


In case, you are looking to DIY a single thick line anti-torque rope approach, you should go for a double braid with Dyneema which is a coated fabric made up of high molar mass polyethylene, polyesters, polyvinyl fluoride, and all the necessary strengthening material.

In case, you want to make sure that the rope is completely anti-torque, coat it with plastic. As a result, the binding will be completely anti-torque. If you do not want to coat it with plastic, you can use sticky tubes which shrink on heating.

But, according to some observations made, it does not last long as compared to that of the plastic coating so if you have an option between the plastic coating and adhesive tube then the plastic coating is undoubtedly the best choice to make.

Do not forget to make the diameter of this rope larger. It is because the greater the diameter, the greater will be the torque. These ropes are made of varying lengths according to your requirements.

They are specially designed with the aim of transferring torque safely throughout the rope. The torsional stability makes it possible to transfer torque to the end of the sail without any significant loss in between.

This anti-rotation rope has a special triplet structure that suits well for its functionality. This well-defined structure resists rotation to a great extent.


In this article, we have tried to make sure that you get each and every detail about an anti-twist rope. Anti-torsion rope has an outstanding and amazing torsional tolerance that passes the furling gear rotation direct that can be transferred quickly and easily to the head of the sail. The rope has a triple fiber system specially designed to hinder torsional forces from furling gear. It has a twisted aramid yarn outer covering that aims to resist the twisting. It has conventional luff that specifically transmits torque along the cable without any loss. This feature makes it appealing as it can pass the torque ahead without any disruption in its path and helps us to perform our job with ease and betterment. All the detail has been summed.

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